That’s A Wrap: Goodbye 2016

Hi! Wish all of you lovely people a very happy and joyous 2017.

Slay this one like never, amigos!

I almost did not do the Rewind post for 2016, not because nothing happened this year (because trust me, a lot did), but because 90% of them are things I can’t present to you with evidence. First, I thought I’d explain the stories behind all the top three lessons of the month that I’ve shared with all of you for the past 11 months, but I couldn’t possibly do that without 1) taking up a lot of your time, and 2) offending at least six out of ten people who I’ve already buried the hatchet with.

And to be very honest, 2016 was one ratchet ride of a year, and this is not just my opinion. But, it still deserves a parting gift of sorts, a final farewell. Hence, I present to you Rewind 2016:





2016 was off to a very rocky start; things were going everywhere, and most of which was out of my control. But there is one thing that always stays the same, and that is (not so surprisingly) family.

My father was several time zones away, in New York, and despite the twenty million things she deals with on the daily, my mother has been the best support I could ever ask for. She was there for all of it: the good, the bad and the ugly. She held me close during the dark days that broke my heart to the littlest of pieces, and kept urging me to move forward, choose the high road (and kick ass when the situation demanded it).

My baby sister (now ten years old) is a little devil, but she’s my little devil, and I love her to bits. We fight every single day over the silliest of things, but when it’s time to go to sleep, we sleep like conjoined twins. That’s sisters for you, I guess.

Another person who kept me from going flying over the edge was, well, me. I have always been a stubborn person, and I don’t understand and agree with things just because someone says it’s true; I need to experience it to believe it. Clearly, when the going got rough, it took a lot of self motivation and long self-delivered pep talks to myself to get through one day and onto the next.




From Top-Left: Shivani, Garima, Arushi, Namrata, Pankaj, Rahul, Abhishek, Namrata, Nanaki, Isha and Srishti

I don’t have pictures with everyone, and couldn’t possibly fit them all in one post, so let me just start off by saying this: you don’t need a mention in black and white for me to acknowledge and deeply appreciate your support and love, always know that. I love you, and I value you, truly.

My friend circle is always changing and circumstantial at best (hello to all those who magically find my number when exams roll around), but there were many who stuck by my side even (and especially) when I wasn’t at my best. Shout outs here go to Ayushi, Shivani, Kanwar, Anshu, Kanika, Divya, Sagar, Sarthak and Akash. I’m eternally grateful to each person (you know who you are, picture/mention or not) who decided to chum it up with me when you could be doing anything else in the world.

I know I’m not always the easiest person to be around–and 2016 was especially difficult at times, considering the many major changes that my life was subjected to–but if you still chose to stick around, thank you.

Thanks to Garima for religiously picking the seat beside me and just being there (even on the days I was being a total tool), and choosing me over and over again. Thanks to Rahul for being my safe harbor since the first semester, my partner in crime no matter how utterly stupid my plans were. Thanks to Pankaj for saving me always, from getting my printouts at the last minute to saving me from the traffic police officer. Thanks to Nano for being who she is, my sassy, overachieving and immensely giving best friend who never hesitates to dish out the ugly truths to me when I’m going crazy. Thanks to Srish for never letting me feel like a day has passed since we last met, and for always being the voice of reason. Thanks to Isha for being her goofy yet compassionate self, the human equivalent of a warm fuzzy blanket that warms you all over.

I want to go on, but the list may probably never end. But again, I’m thankful to all of you


*All The Bright Places*



The best thing that 2016 did for me is that it pushed me to grow up. I have played the ‘big sister’ and ‘wise friend’ for as long as I can remember, and in doing so I had never really fully had the time and/or made the conscious effort to truly discover the person I am. And truthfully, I couldn’t have done it if I was living the same exact life that I had built for myself in the past two years. So, even though it was ugly and extremely difficult in the beginning, the change that came along with 2016 was a blessing in disguise.

This picture is of some of the best moments I’ve had this year. The one at the top left corner is of the movie ticket from the day I decided to go watch Miss Peregrine’s Home For Peculiar Children alone as a treat to myself for holding it up during the semester. The one with the balloons is when I planned an elaborate surprise for my mom on her birthday, with a lot of help from Rahul and mom’s friends. The gifts are the ones I bought for my family when I was playing Santa on Christmas eve, and the one of mine next to it is in my car, my Baby who is my single most valuable possession in the entire world.

The remaining two pictures are from the camp that I went to in April which was a necessary evil that just needed to happen (read all about it here). Those five days were essential because not only did it clear out a lot of things for me, but also helped me gain confidence like never before. You know how they say ‘when push comes to shove’? Yeah, this was my much-needed shove.

Other than these, I also got appointed as the President of Wordsworth, which is the literary society at college, completed a year at my job as a content writer at Weaving Thoughts Pvt Ltd, and topped my class for the last two semesters. Most importantly though, 2016 made me realize how addicting it is to achieve something based on pure hard work, and that happiness can come from responsibility as well.

So, yeah. That’s about it.

That was my 2016 story.

It wasn’t all roses and happy days, but it wasn’t all brickbats, either.

There were days that tested us to the point of breaking, and there were days where happiness was everywhere, and both of them were equally important.

Here’s hoping that 2017 is another exciting year and takes us on new adventures and fun-filled journeys.

Happy 2017!




Maybe, Someday


We all need a couple of really bad days to keep the good ones in perspective.

– Colleen Hoover, Maybe Someday



I am, for the lack of a better word, floored. Ever since 2016 began, I’ve read close to seven books (you have no idea about the power of the very inconspicuous Kindle), and there’s absolutely zero question in my mind about which one I liked the best. Colleen Hoover did it again: took the world as I knew it, and gave it a good, much-required shake.

Thanks, CoHo. I owe you one.

Especially for this:

Yes, indeed it is. Might as well go big, do all that you possibly can, just wear yourself out completely. Also, try and do right by your own heart before you begin to do justice to others, because if you don’t find it in yourself to face up to your own wants and wishes, nobody else in the world will.

Ridge & Sydney are two very strong people, mature and understanding to a fault. They keep denying their love for each other, continue to fill in the roles they had before their worlds collided, but we all know how that ends: in an explosion.

But the best part about Maybe Someday was that people were portrayed exactly as how they are: imperfect, but one hundred percent genuine. I’d suggest you to read it, no matter how your life is looking like now. I can guarantee that you’ll find something in it that you recognize.

Okay, very quickly, three things that I’ve taken from this book:

  1. Punching isn’t all that it built up to be. Be ready to have bruised knuckles if you’re going to try it.
  2. Guitar players are nothing but trouble, so proceed with caution.
  3. Nice is right, but honesty trumps politeness, always. Be nice only when you’re being completely honest to yourself and your feelings.
Life has been a crazy mess lately, and I’m loving every single second of it to the point that every day is like a surprise. I’ve cooked a lot recently, so you could expect pictures over the weekend, because I’m too lazy to edit and crop them right now. Patience, my friends. All good things come to those who wait.
I’ve been meaning to get back to writing for a while now, but since I’m perennially pressed for time between college and work and home, I’m starting out slow by scribbling lines/paragraphs/scenes as and when they come to me, in the notebook that I carry with myself . It’s not a huge headway, I know, but it’s still progress. I have close to twelve different scenes penned down, and I’m hoping that when I sit down with the notebook and time, I’d be able to do something worthwhile with it.
Ah, the glories of the riveting life of an engineering student.
College is getting harder and harder to get to every morning, especially when the weather can’t decide whether it wants to be chilly or warm. Get your shit together, Universe. The time-table this semester is hilariously torturous, but then again, anything that I don’t agree with is torturous, so there. Every Monday morning, my first thought is ‘Wow, five days till Saturday.’ 😛
Tenacity comes in handy in situations like these, where one half of my brain is pleading with me to bail of class, but the other half punches it squarely in the face, and orders me to sit back down on the chair. That’s how I get through the boring classes, no kidding. And of course, there’s Garry and Nano, both  of whom are equally involved in my daily struggles. Thank you, ladies!
Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have dinner to get to (I told you I’m taking over the kitchen, didn’t I?). I’ll see you on Friday, or Saturday (depending upon how tired or lazy I’m feeling) with a post that dissects my Mr. Right down to the most minute of details. It is a long time coming, anyway, and now I have enough bad experiences to back it up with.
Like I always say, it’s now or never, and never doesn’t seem like a very gratifying option. Do it now, and do it correct. Fear is a fable.

2015: Rewind

I promised you guys a Rewind post, didn’t I? Yes, I did, and ladies and gentlemen, I’m here to deliver. 2015 was a hell of a ride, a roller coaster in the truest sense of the word, and it’s time to take another shot at it.

Are you ready? Let’s go! 😀

January: Unarguably the best month, the greatest start to any year. January did a great job at making me think that 2015 was going to be an amazing year. But exactly halfway through the month, I realized one thing: good always begets bad.

And boy, did it.

Devil’s Own @ Café Coffee Day. January 31, 2015.


February-March-April: I’m going to club these three months and push them under a single heading: dark. I had my first ever near-death experience (almost died in a car crash), and experienced a horrifying mental breakdown. But you know what pulled me through?


PicsArt_05_04_2015 04_35_45 PM PicsArt_10_04_2015 08_35_26 AM

I know I could never, ever thank them both enough, but I’m going to say it anyway: thank you so much for always having my back, Mom and Nano. At 01:43am, there was nobody else but these two who cared enough to listen to whatever confused mess clouded my brain. It was their support and faith in me that pushed me out of the bad place, and gave me enough motivation to venture out a little farther, owing to which I was able to get a job.

On April 22nd (also my mother’s birthday), I got hired as a content writer at Weaving Thoughts. Finally, life was becoming slightly brighter again.

Lesson learnt: Try to keep your head above the water, because that’s the least you owe yourself.


May-June-July: Exams. Then, summer came. Over the summer, I had a singular agenda on my mind: planning the perfect birthday party for someone who meant the world and more to me. Amidst my own mission of crafting the biggest surprise, my father moved to the USA, which obviously meant more responsibilities, and being more of a grown up than I already was. 

Lesson learnt: Family comes first, no matter how impossible it may seem.


August: The Sunday of summer. The end of all things that had led up to this month, this moment. I took the biggest step of all, only to watch it all go up in flames right in front of my eyes in less than a week. The surprise was a hit, of course, but in return, I got the customary ‘thank you’ that, by this month of the year, seemed like code language for ‘I don’t want to talk about this with you.’

Lesson learnt: Talk only as much as you can listen. People will misunderstand you, so you better suck it up and deal with it.


September: September was anxiety-ridden, at best. Never in my whole life had I been so damn indecisive, backtracking several times before making the simplest of choices. September also demanded me to trust people with monumental moments of my life, and despite my better judgement, I made that stupid decision to relinquish control. The only bright spots were my sister turning 9, and surprising a friend on her birthday, who deserves all this, and more.

Lesson learnt: Intentions matter, facts do not. It’s the difference between a page and a story.


October: My birthday.



The 20th year of my existence began, and within the first few weeks, it taught me an invaluable lesson: never to let somebody else’s life and happiness matter more than your own, especially when they wouldn’t do the same for you in a million years. It’s the world’s most thankless job, and all those damn thank yous in the world ain’t going to fix that shit.


November: All about bravery, and making some real tough choices. But once I actually went ahead and took those hard AF decisions, it made me feel exponentially better. Like I could breathe freely again, and my heart was finally beating inside my own chest again, instead of beating for someone else.

November, was all about closure.

It was. It was worth every second of it.


December: The last month of the year, but also the end of an entire story, another chapter finished. A couple of other weak things (and people) fell through, but that’s completely okay, because it wasn’t anything I didn’t expect to happen. Frankly, after August, I’d marked a red ‘X’ in my mind on all the weaklings, because I knew it was only a matter of time till they fell apart.

Unfortunately, I was right. Before December drew to the final close, all red Xs lived up to my expectations of them.

Lesson learnt: People are predictable beings, unless you purposely ignore the signs.


Okay. So that was some pretty intense stuff, right? I know, I agree with you. Imagine living through this. But despite this emotional whirlwind I was on, I didn’t once stop doing what I love doing: making people (and also, myself) happy. Here’s glimpse into that aspect of 2015, just for you:


With a total of 11, I’d say 2015 was not that bad as far as living up to the standards of a book nerd is concerned. Each of these books came around at the right time, just when I needed them, especially Saint Anything and Let It Snow.



Not only did I do my best for the August birthday, but there were many before and after that I did my absolute best for. Each one of it was teamwork, and it turned out great. We (me and my classmates) collaborated on about ten birthdays, and here’s a picture of some of them.

Birthdays 20152.png



So, 2016.

I am not expecting anything out of it, because I’ve already seen what fat amount of good it does to me. Instead, I’m just going to go ahead and dive head-first into it, no overthinking, no nothing. Let’s just do things, make them happen, instead of wishing on shooting stars. People, all the magic and wonder that you need is right inside of you.

You’re all an untapped bottle of magic and pixie dust. I suggest you crack it open.

There’s still five more pages left blank in 2015’s book. Time to fill them up with beautiful things. For everyone who I’ve mentioned in this post (you know who you are), you did mean a lot to me, you probably still do. The strings are always attached, maybe not at the correct places.



It’s just business. #Sherene


Tell me how surprised you are to see me post fairly regularly, despite complaining in almost every post about the ever-increasing workload? Well, you know me. Always over-bending to do what I love, after I’ve done what I have to. 😉


Last exam on Saturday. End of the first semester. One down, seven more to go.

Now, if you find the galls to tell me that time doesn’t fly, I swear to God I will punch you. Really hard. See, I’m the last person on this planet who would believe something that I haven’t seen with my own two eyes or experienced for myself. But this whole deal about time literally making a long jump from August’14 to January’15?

It’s not funny, man. Time lapses could be lethal.

Good thing they at least leave you with a ton of memories.

Speaking of memories, I gathered quite a bit of my own. And learnt a couple of lessons the harder way, one that involves a bunch of stretchy days and sleepless nights.

But, you know how it goes with people like me. When you play with fire, your hands do get burnt in the process.

So, lesson #1 became the realization that majority of my acquaintances with people are nothing but business relationships. I’m not even kidding right now. It’s like I know someone, and they claim they know me, but as soon as the mutually beneficial aspect of the so-called friendship ceases to exist, it’s all over. No matter however much they swear up and down that they do actually care about me, it just doesn’t happen.

As always.

Lesson #2 is actually very surprising, something I never thought had any kind of potential of being real. But it does happen: guys are every bit as prone to over-thinking as the female persuasion. And I’m stating this on very solid proof, so just take my word on this one. Honestly, life is just hilarious sometimes. 😛

Lastly, lesson #3 is just more of the same, something I’m very sure I’ve mentioned many times in my posts: all the men in my life need help at large. It’s like I have this aura of hostility rolling out of me in huge, leaping waves that just magnifies when I’m around anybody who’s a man. We just never click. Earlier, I used to think it was only Dad, but now that number has jacked up way too high.

Well, okay, not that high, but it’s just someone important who fell victim to the cold air I emanate. Sad, sad life.

So, you know, a shout out to all those who get to deal with me on a daily basis: I do notice everything. Every little detail. And I don’t have to be a detective for that. 😉

And as for the #Sherene hashtag that features so proudly in the title of this post, let’s just say that it is a constant reminder of something that will always be unfinished business between me and a significant other, because to be very honest, that’s all that our acquaintance boils down to: business. 

But it shall be incomplete for as long as I can tell, bundles of unspoken words heavy in the air, tying both of us to each other.

I’ll see you guys later. Next up, I promise is my Bucket List 2015, unedited.

Miss me while I’m gone.






Hushed Voices & Painted Lips.

This is not how I imagined 2015 to start.


All I’ve been doing since the year began can be summed in exactly one word: work. Work at college, work at home, and then of course, there’s always abundant written work to be completed. Let’s just say that in the past ten days, my right hand has undergone enough torture to last a million lifetimes.


Other than being unbelievably busy (I honestly haven’t stepped away from my desk for any longer than it takes me to make a big mug of coffee), I’ve also realized that there’s no point to keeping things bottled up inside of you. Things change, people move on, and if you don’t say/do what you want to, there’s no turning back. Once you miss the chance, you miss it for good.

You know how I keep saying that it’s now or never? Yeah. It took me a lot of time and the dissolution of a great acquaintance to realize what it actually meant. Let’s just say that if you’re going to hide something, or if you’re going to lie, silence is as good an option as speech. Lying is done both with words, and with silence.

Paint your lips with a smile, put on your game face, and face it all for another day. Trust me, it works. Tried and tested.


Okay. So, happy new year, right? Right. My new year has been anything but happy till now, so I’m looking forward to the rest of the three hundred-odd days with not much enthusiasm. It’s been ages since I sat down with my notebook and wrote something just for the thrill of letting out words that mattered, wrote for the sheer love of writing. I miss writing. I miss being able to build and weave a story from a single word, or picture, or expression.

I miss feeling capable, feeling worthy of appreciation. If there’s anything in this world that I know how to do without having to backtrack and second-judge my own work, it’s writing. Once the words are out, they’re out. They are no longer only mine. They’re yours, too.

But I guess sometimes, you can’t get the words out fast enough or loud enough or clear enough for the world to listen. Or maybe people don’t have it in their hearts anymore to actually listen to them.

Very truthfully, there’s no certain way to know who is to blame.


I’ll be back. Miss me while I’m gone.


Snigdha ❤