Free Write Fifteen #FW15

One single second can change so much, it’s almost impossible to believe.

Imagine what 900 such seconds could do for you, your sanity, and just your life in general. With Free Write Fifteen, that’s exactly what we’re trying to figure out here.

Fifteen minutes of your time, a pen, a paper (or your computer), and your imagination. Honestly, #FW15 has a singular aim: to allow us to delve deeper into the murkier regions of our psyche, and just pour it right out. You don’t have to be a writer to do this, neither do you need to have an absolutely scintillating topic to write about.

Just pick an idea, pick a word if that’s what works for you, and write.

For fifteen minutes, write without even pausing for a heartbeat. Write whatever comes to your mind, write whatever your fingers want to express, let them go crazy and paint their own pictures with words.

In all honestly, if you spend the entire fifteen minutes just repeating sentences like ‘I love cats’, you’re a winner. And well, you obviously really love cats.


Hop on this bandwagon, and get writing. Be sure to leave your responses on this page in the comments section, while I do the same.

If you don’t feel comfortable sharing your writings publicly, you can always email me at

Happy writing!