Find Me Here.

Hey everyone! 😀

I’m Snigdha, and I live in New Delhi, India. I’m 20 years old, publicly proclaimed problem-solver, writer, and liver of The Nerd Life to boot.

Also, I have an illicit affair with coffee.

True that.

This place is my escape from life and its random (mostly crappy) moments. Here, at Coffee & Curiosity, we (i.e. me and my lovely readers, which includes you), believe in chasing our dreams with unbelievable passion. And in dancing in the rain, watching One Tree Hill for days on end on repeat, shipping Brulian till the end of time, and watching awesome YouTube stars like Connor Franta and Superwoman Lilly Singh.

We also believe that it’s now or never. 😉

Life’s good. 🙂

 So, to keep it simple: This is where dreams come true.

This is where secrets don’t exist, because we’re all fearless and awesome people.

Stay strong. Stay awesome.

It’s now or never.



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18 thoughts on “Find Me Here.

  1. You have a good knack of blogging and conveying your thoughts. I can see and feel the emotions that were tingled, touched, hurt and made alive as you kept a date with life. Certainly, only a person with emotional heart can write. I too felt a heartbreak and then the only thing that I could do was dream and write. I would write on a notebook as the facility of internet was not available but then I was busy with my graduation and then again another whip on heart and I was back to writing, this time trying ti save trees by not writing on paper and sharing it with people. My writing skills have been lost but trying to get them back again.
    I know you would agree that writing is an easier form of spewing your emotions than talking to a person who may hurt you again. Words are silent yet so powerful in their expression.

    • Thank you so much 😀
      I’m sorry to hear about your heartbreak, and I’m sure you’ll get your writing skills back [and this time, better than before ;)]

      Yeah, I agree words are more reliable when it comes to expressing your feelings. 🙂
      You might want to read the other posts as well, it will make you familiar with my way of thinking 🙂
      Thanks for dropping by 🙂

  2. I just wanted to let you know I’ve read a few of your blog posts, and then I came and read this page. I think you and I would get along just fine.. 😀

    Looking forward to reading more of your stuff!

  3. Holly says:

    Wow, what a blog to start writing before you’re even 16. Please don’t take that to sound patronising, I really don’t mean it like that – it is more because I am so impressed!
    I’m 24 and only just started blogging but I enjoy it so much as an outlet to rant/talk at…
    Great to find your blog, keep it up Snigdha!

    • First of all, hi! and thanks for bothering to go through the blog.

      Yeah so now the main point: Why do I hate love?
      As I’ve said many times, I do not hate, or even question, love for that matter: I hate the make-believe games people play in the name of love. And this is why it has turned into a cultural cliche. And that’s what makes my want to puke at times. I hope you’ll agree with me.

      And if real love DOES exist, then it’s great. But right now, I just don’t see it happening. That’s why I hate it.

      Thanks for dropping by 🙂

  4. Fillandra says:

    Yaaay 🙂 I share your love for coffee! Your blog title is great, by the way.
    Your words reminded me of a girl from the movie Chak de India… I’m so bad with names, I forgot what the character was named… :p
    I’ll come back 🙂


      • Fillandra says:

        I loooove them 😀 Well the most of which get sold here in Germany are with Shahrukh Khan. Om Shanti Om was my first. Veer Zaara is one of my all time favorites, I am obsessed with some songs of that movie. Jab Tak Hai Jaan is very nice too. Yash Chopra simply did amazing work.
        The last one I watched was Kahaani. I absolutely enjoyed it, even if I actually don’t like brutal stories, but this one was very nice and the end totally surprised me 😀

      • Another SRK fan. It’s a common plague, I swear. 😛
        I like Veer Zaara too. I love the songs.

        ‘Kahaani’ scares me, to be honest. It’s just too unpredictable.
        Where are you from, Fillandra? You’re quite updated about the Hindi movies. It’s nice to know our cinema is loved so much.

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