21 Life Lessons

You know, up until last year, I was convinced that all birthdays deserve to be celebrated grandly, especially the milestone ones like, well, the 21st.

Cut to now, today, to the eve of my 21st birthday, and I feel like the real purpose of birthdays is not to just grab a couple of greetings and eat cake (cake is important, though), but to reminisce the years gone by, and celebrate the victories you have had over time. The said victories need not be something monumental; they just have to be important and meaningful to you. You have made it this far, through the mess and gore and the sadness and the pain—-and if that isn’t reason enough to pat yourself on the back and smile, I don’t know what is.

So, in honor of completing twenty one years of life as Snigdha Rai, daughter, sister, and caffeine-addict, I want to share with all of you twenty one life lessons that I’ve learnt over the past years. Consider this as my gift to all of you wonderful people who take time out of their day to read this blog.

Ready? Here goes:

1. Sometimes, keeping quiet is the safest option, but not always the correct one.

2. There is such a thing as waiting too long; don’t make that mistake. ‘Right time’ is a myth.

3. It’s easier to ask for forgiveness, than to ask for permission.

4. Some things are easier said with a phone line and a couple of miles in between, than in person.

5. Best friends are not supposed to be the wise ones; they are supposed to be the ones that have your back even when they know you are headed for a dead-end.

6. Family is a transitory concept, so it is utterly foolish to accept that things will stay the same forever. For better or for worse, they shall change.

7. Give people more credit than they deserve, always, so that when they screw up, you can yell ‘I told you so’ in their stupid faces.

8. Don’t stick around people who radiate negativity, or make you feel bad about yourself. Their insecurities feed off of your existence, and you don’t want to give them that pleasure, trust me.

9. Find what you love, and keep tremendously interested in it, come what may.

10. There will always be that one place where you can find true peace, even if your world is in shambles. Discover that place, and escape there whenever things go sideways.

11. Self love should be your topmost priority, always.

12. People are always a little too quick to form expectations, especially if it is convenient to them; don’t feel bad if they tell you they are ‘disappointed’, because mostly, that ‘disappointment’ only stems from inconvenience, not love.

13. Experience everything, but also resign yourself from the influences of them.

14. There is always a better life out there, and you are worth it. Always keep working in the direction of the life you want to live.

15. Never, ever apologize for feeling something.

16. Things don’t judge you, people do. Your nerdy glasses won’t judge you for wearing them, but the stupid thick-headed mean girl would.

17. Intentions matter, facts do not. They are as different as a page and a story; a single page does not tell you the whole story.

18. People can only affect you for as long as and as much as you let them.

19. Relationships are not bargain deals: you shouldn’t have to put up with anyone’s shit just because you like someone you both know.

20. Fall in love on the daily, with the littlest of things: the rain, the sun, and just life in general.

21. Be grateful for every new day, every new chance to right the wrongs, and live life a little more.



Bit different than my usual birthday posts each year, I know, but hey, it’s the Big 21–different is cool. Tomorrow is The Day, but I have college till 5, then probably a quiet dinner with the family is probably what’s going to happen. Dad’s not here, so I’m dialing back on the celebrations until we can all be together and celebrate. I want to take this time to say thank you for every single person who has been a part of my life for the past year (or ever, actually), good or bad, because I’m sure I have learnt something or the other from you. So, thanks.

Here’s hoping that the years to come shall arrive bearing their own gifts and surprises, and bucket loads of experiences.

Here’s hoping that we all find we are looking for, and also what we aren’t quite sure we need.

Here’s to life ❤

I’ll see you later, hopefully with pictures from the celebrations. I’ll try to click pictures of everything I do, but no promises. Meanwhile, you do whatever makes you happy. It’s now, or it’s never.




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