#21Till21: 21 Things I Love

Yes, you know what’s up, don’t you?

It’s September.

Which is awfully close to October.

And my birthday.

Today, September 14, means that there are exactly 21 days to go for my 21st birthday. Yep, you read it right: I’m turning the big twenty-one, and despite the fact that my real-life birthday plans are non-existent (and most probably shall be), I intend to at least share my life with all of you here.

So, with all that out of the way, I compiled a list of 21 things that I love. Keep in mind that most of these are mostly material things and/or phenomenon, because come on, I obviously love my family and friends to the moon and back. It didn’t make much sense reiterating the same fact.

Okay, you ready? Let’s go:

1. Coffee, duh!

There is possibly no way that I can stress my love for coffee enough. It has just always been a very big part of my life, my go-to whenever I’m feeling stressed/sad/happy or just about any whacked up emotion that has me going around in circles. It is, and will always be, my very first love.

2. Petrichor

3. Driving

My baby, my treasure

 When life isn’t making any kind of sense, all I have to do is get my keys, and hit the road. My car has been privy to almost all of my heartbreaking, hysterical crying sessions, the best drive ever of my life (no details for you, sorry), and has also played a big part in my 20th birthday celebrations.

4. Being responsible

I have always had issues with authority, with all the rules that are just laid down for us to obey, and ever since I remember, I haven’t done anything that I didn’t fully agree with. Hence, I decided to take matters in my own hands (when I was about 10, before my sister came along), and the rest is history. Being responsible and getting things done gives me an immense sense of pleasure like nothing else.

5. Making people smile

Speaking from experience, there’s nothing quite like the warm feeling in your heart that you get from watching a smile break out across someone’s lips, and knowing that you are the reason behind it.

6. Alone time

Personally, I feel like one should designate one day each week solely to recuperate mentally, and just give yourself a break. Hence, whenever I do get a chance to be alone and just spend time with myself and my thoughts, I grab it with both hands.

7. Maggi!

After coffee, Maggi is my only vice. I just can’t get enough of it, ever. Ever since I knew what Maggi was, I have been absolutely in love with it, and even today, when I achieve something, cooking Maggi for myself is the first thing that I do to celebrate.

8. Train rides

9. Supernatural

The Winchesters

The Winchesters

Supernatural was the one to teach me that family doesn’t end with blood–it is, in fact, something that you get to create for yourself, and they always have your back, even (and especially) when you don’t have a snowball’s chance of winning the war you’re fighting.

10. One Tree Hill

If you are ever looking for solutions to some of the trickiest situations in life, One Tree Hill is definitely the place to look for them, honey.

11. Red tulips

12. Powerpuff Girls

I still sit with my sister (who is ten, by the way) every weekend in the mornings and watch these girls save the city. Yeah, I know: I have a problem.

13. Pokémon

When I was in third grade was when Pokémon started airing in India, at 5 in the evening from Monday to Friday. Let’s just say that I have taken countless beatings from my mom just to sit and watch this show religiously. I even have bundles of sketchbooks wherein I have drawn all of my favourite Pokémons!

14. Books

People like David Levithan and Sarah Dessen are my heroes. Their books give me strength and sanity when nothing makes any kind of sense.

15. Fairy lights on trees

If you are a kind soul who wants to ever surprise me, be sure to include these beauties!

16. Writing

Writing gives me purpose; it gives me sense of balance, a sense of worth–like I am doing something bigger and better than just breathing the air in and breathing it out.

17. Classic rock

18. Scented candles

 19. Bangles


Hoarding bangles of all colours is the one guilty pleasure I have. Currently, my collection lacks orange, and indigo.

20. Tikki

I grew up with my mother’s love for street food, and while my sister accompanies mom to all the chaat stalls, I stick to my beloved tikki.

21. Birthdays

I like other people’s birthday more than I like my own, and although this year has been deprived of the usual excitement (details later), I still do feel that birthdays are the best days of the year.

Okay, so that was fun.

Exams are due next Monday, so kindly excuse me while I hit the books, and try to learn at least something of importance from them.

Meanwhile, you do whatever makes you happy.

See you!




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