Mid-Year Mayhem

I almost forgot about the end-of-the-month post.


Frankly speaking, June doesn’t feel like it happened at all, because usually, June is all about lazy days and the sinking realisation that yes, you’ve successfully wasted another six months doing nothing of consequence. This year, however, it just went by in a blink of an eye.

Time warp is a tricky thing.

So, understandably, I had to think a little harder to come up with the top three (also, the only) lessons that June taught me. Ready? Here we go:

1. Every situation does not deserve a reaction.

2. The best relationships are those which thrive on comfortable silences and organic conversations. If either is missing, you know the clock is ticking against you.

3. Dean Winchester is still the man of my dreams. 

Fun fact: Lesson #2 came into existence thanks to Nano. She said this when I was fretting over my tendency to zone out during car rides, and as usual, it stuck. In fact, I’m one hundred percent certain that there is absolutely nothing that doesn’t stick in my subconscious. It takes in everything: the good, the bad, the ugly, the unpleasant, the awesome–everything.

Again, not cool. Makes the whole moving on thing ten times harder than it is supposed to be.

Anyway, I got a little something to show you guys. It’s a #FW15 entry I wrote a while ago. I hope you like it:

Those little bubbles of joy kept popping inside of me, one right after another. And there were millions and millions of them, so much so that after a while, I’d started to worry that if I opened my mouth even the teeny-tiniest bit, some of them would escape, and then burst out in the open, letting everyone know just how very, incredibly happy I was, just by being there.

For the millionth time: This does not refer to any particular person or persons, please do not take it personally. That ship has sailed, trust me.

I’ll see you guys soon.




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