6 years

Yep, you guessed it.

It’s been six years since Coffee & Curiosity came to life.

Earlier, it was named something else–I honestly can’t remember what, but it must’ve been something dumb–and was about one thing, and one thing only: my vendetta against change.

I’d just shifted schools, and that was probably the first big change that had come about in my life, shaking everything up from head to toe, and needless to say, I hated it.

In fact, I hated it with such fervor that it took me a solid three months to finally give in to the truth, and accept my life for what it had become.

Srishti could vouch for that–she’s been right there beside me through it all: the good, the bad, and the ugly. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, this wonderful woman has been in my life since the past six years (hi Po!), and I love her for always pulling me by the ear and setting me straight whenever I started to falter. In all honesty, had it not been for her (and the other two goofs, Isha and Nano), there is a very strong chance that I might not have made it out of some of the darkest times.

I was just shy of fifteen when I’d posted my first post on this blog, and now, six years later, I’m soon going to be twenty-one. Looking back, I’d say that it’s been one hell of a ride–and there’s a lot more to go, of course. I’ve met some wonderful people, and unfortunately lost quite a few because of varied reasons.

Special mentions here go out to Sanjana Khanna, Tanya Kapur, and Bangtan ARMY. We were good together, just not good enough. Wish you the very best in life, and my apologies for all the unnecessary spite that was exchanged between us. Consider this a truce, and there’s nothing more sacred to me than this blog, so you can hold me to it.

To Kirthika & Megha, thanks for going out of the way for planning my birthday. Astha, thank you for always pulling out pen and paper & doing all the math with me whenever we planned a party (baniya wale kaam). Sreyoshi, thanks for being my fake boyfriend, and blowing me tons of kisses without occasion. Also, your hugs are the best, I’ll admit. Sanjana & Tanya, thank you for the random dates that we had.

Sometimes, I wish we’d done things differently. But hey, you live and you learn, right? Some pieces of the puzzle don’t fit together.

Thank you for the lessons and memories.

To everyone who has been a part of this journey with me, I only have one thing to say: You go, Glen Coco!

You all have heard tons about my conquests, but not quite as often about my failures. Well, here they are. I’ve failed at maintaining some of the most precious relationships I had forged, and I’m willing to take half the blame. You clap with both your hands, remember?

Hopefully, the mistakes and the memories shall help me be a better person, make me mindful of all the things that have caused me to lose people before.

So, here’s to summer that’s almost here.

Here’s to turning mistakes into memories that I will share with others as and when I meet them.

Here’s to life. ❤




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