Four Down, Eight To Go

Hey-lo everyone!

Nope, didn’t die. I know, I know: I’m like, indestructible.

As indestructible as an engineering undergrad with severe control freak disorder could be, which is a lot.

So, April. I swear to God it feels like at the beginning of itself, every month is like ‘I’m going to bring about my own twists and turns, and they’re going to be more epic than the one before me!’


Not funny, months. Not freaking funny.

So, camp happened. A five-day military training camp that was mandatory for all students of my class to attend. Then mom’s birthday. If you’ve been following me on Instagram (@snigdharai5), you would have seen the pictures, but if you’re not yet subscribed to me there, no worries. Links are at the end of this post.

Go, see. Revel in my glorious life.

Okay, so about the top three lessons that April taught me:

  1. My notions about love are ‘unrealistic’.
  2. I pretend to be the ‘ideal daughter’.
  3. I never have time for my ‘friends’. There is always work to do.

Surprised, are you? Well, don’t be. The above lessons were taught to me by my very dear (now, former) friends, although they didn’t mean to do it. But I’m very, very glad they did.

You know me: always about the intentions, never the facts.

To this, I don’t owe an explanation, because it’s nothing I haven’t heard before (except #2), and it’s nothing credible, considering the sources.

#1 will be decided by the one I’m in love with (or will be).

#2 is my parent’s discretion.

And #3 is completely my choice.

So, you know, these and the million other colorful qualities of mine that were enunciated by the said people, they basically stem from one thing, and one thing only: weak arguments.

Also, the thing that completely annihilates the purpose of trying to put me down is the fact that these things were not said to me directly. They were said to random people who I don’t even personally know, and have no intention of knowing ever in the near future. I mean, if you’ve got a problem, valid or not, talking behind my back ain’t going to get you anywhere, sweetheart.

If you’re really as brave as you claim to be, or you really want to get that problem solved, this is definitely not the way of doing it.

But. But.

Thank God for people who act their age, and just the general goodness in the world, that this terrible night is just one tiny black spot on an otherwise fantastically bright and cheerful memory. A big, roaring shout-out to everyone who stepped up to the right thing, and to those who stood their ground.

And of course, there isn’t a damn thing in the world that great friends (old and new), and a mad night spent dancing can’t solve!

Anyway, now that the horror story is over and done with, let’s move on to happier things.

Mom’s birthday was a hit. Check Instagram for the complete idea, but it’s safe to say that she enjoyed herself and liked all the numerous little surprises me and my sister had put together for her.

Of course, the warm fuzzies that you get when you make someone really happy are always a bonus!


I told you April was a doozy.

Anyway, now for the actual top three lessons that the month was kind enough to teach me. Here we go:

1. You learn a lot more when you walk in uninvited. Man is most himself when he talks without the fear of being heard.

2. Confidence doesn’t necessarily come from achievements. Many times, it also comes from facing shitty situations without stooping down to being a lesser person than you are.

3. Love is the key to happiness. It is, really. It can turn the worst of days around, with no effort at all.

And oh, it is never unrealistic: it’s just transient, always changing. What is love for someone may not be so for someone else. Instead of judging someone else for their choices, why not pay attention to yours?

Fun fact: I did find an explanation to accusation #1 on Buzzfeed. Here:

You, first. Always. #LibraInLove

Yep, blaming the stars. šŸ˜›

It’s time for me to leave, but before I do, here’s the link to my Instagram:

Be sure to check it out, and while you’re at it, follow.

I’ll see you guys soon. Remember, it’s now, or it’s never.




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