One Day, One Step

Hello, all you lovely people of the CyberWorld. Welcome to another post that wasn’t exactly supposed to come into existence, but hey, you just can’t stop some things from happening, right?



This post is partly inspired by this post that Nano wrote a while ago, and partly due to a ton of tiny things that have been nagging me on and off since quite some time. Mom (side note: it’s her birthday tomorrow!) always says that the first step to solving any problem is having it written down in front of your face, and although I don’t do it very often, I’ve decided to listen to her this time.

Here are a couple of things that have been hanging around in my personal space like that annoying itch of a yeast infection that just won’t go away.


Ready? Here. Let me know if you can help:

-I have too many blank notebooks and diaries, just waiting to be used.

-I want to write, for real, almost to the point that sometimes when I close my eyes, I feel like my words are seeping out of every accessible orifice in my body.

-Every time I put my pen to paper, I often go blank.

-There are times when I feel like there is absolutely no time, and other times, seconds feel like hours, like ages compressed into the minutest fractions of time.


That’s all.

Or so I think.

I mean, it might not be all (I’m purposely avoiding talking about homo sapiens, because I’ve clearly wasted way more time than they were initially worth), but I figure that if I start by solving these little things, I may get to the point where I can take the other bull by its horns, as well.

Two steps forward, one step back. Still gets you ahead, doesn’t it? Time to take the first step in faith.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, it’s my mother’s special day tomorrow, and there’s still some work that needs finishing.

In other news, you may now follow me on Instagram (@snigdharai5) to keep up with the chaos and hustle of my generally glorious life!

I’ll see you guys soon.




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