Three Down, Nine To Go

Yes, yes, I know I’m late. But I had a lot of things going on all at once, so that’s excusable. I guess.

Anyway, I’m here now, and before I tell you the top three things March hammered into my mind, let me just say this: there has never been a time in my life where thirty one days have meant so much.

I’m not kidding.

Well, you live and you learn. One single day at a time.

Without further ado, let’s take a look at the March lessons. Here goes:

  1. Strength is largely dependent on perspective. Some identify strength is holding on, some find strength in letting go–it’s different for everyone.
  2. People come, and then they may also leave. You cannot force them to stay.
  3. Be thankful for what you have, because what’s not yours is not with you anyway.


Now that’s all said and done, I feel like finally, sooner or later, things may fall in place. Or maybe I’m just being too optimistic.

We’ll see.

I read somewhere that Libras cannot move on until they resolve an issue, no matter how big or small it is.

Right on the money, ladies and gentlemen. Right. On. The. Money. My mind keeps backtracking through the darkest of thoughts, always finding its way back to the teeny-weeny (or huge) issue that was left unresolved, and it stays there unless it’s untied, knot by single knot.

You can’t jump the track, period. Every knot needs to be untied and straightened.

Okay, I’ll see you guys soon.

Meanwhile, do whatever you want.

It’s now or never.




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