Gravel Is Gravel

There is very little in life that is susceptible to change. Once things take form, it takes a lot of effort and immense persistence to bring about even the slightest of change in them, if at all. The truth is the truth, and it may necessarily not be pretty: but we deal with it. We have to, because there is no other choice.

I don’t know where this thought came from, but it has now taken over everything in my brain, and I know I would not be able to think of anything else without first getting this one out of my system.

And what better way to do that than poetry?


I don’t have to twist the knife further,

I don’t need to anymore.

All I must do is remind you, time and time again,

Of all the mistakes you ever made,

That leave behind bad memories galore.


Call me all the names you want,

Shut the door right in my face.

Do it, shun me out of your life,

If that is what will keep you sane.


You could hate me to the ends of the earth,

Or embrace the truths I say.

Because gravel is gravel,

And the truth is the truth,

Even if you decide, every time

To pointedly look the other way.



Disclaimer: This post is not aimed at anyone at all. Please, for the love of dear God, do not take it personally. If there is any ulterior motive behind this poem, it is that I’m trying to perfect the art of writing rhyming poetry (reasons later, expect a post on Sunday).

Let me know what you guys think of it.







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