Reality & Real Life

Yep, I know that the title implies that reality and real life are two different things. I also know what you’re thinking–what the hell, Snigdha?

Allow me to explain.

Reality is a phenomenon.

Real life, on the other hand, dear friends, is what you and me go through every single day.

Real life is the movie of you and I, and reality is the villain.

Get the picture now?


Since the past week, three different people have asked me if I was depressed and/or upset over something, which wouldn’t be that amusing if people had done that before ever in the first twenty freaking years of my life. I’ve been miffed over one thing or the another quite often since the day I was born, but did anyone bother? Oh, no. So, you may be able to understand how shocking it was to realize that someone did notice something about me, however incorrect.

Now, there could be a million conclusions from the above incident. But you know what I decided? There are a lot of fish in the sea, so to speak.

Remember lesson #1 from the end-0f-February post? Here: the first choice is not necessarily the correct choice.

If you screw something up once doesn’t mean you’ll never set it correct again, because that’s just not true. One day, it might just seem like everything is shot to hell, and it is extremely scary, I know. Time passes, days turn into weeks, weeks turn into months, and then, eventually, it doesn’t hurt as much to breathe. I’m not saying you completely get over everything, but at least you keep yourself busy with other things, your heart and your brain tugging in polar opposite directions.

But you know what?

Everything does work itself out.

And that, my friends, is the battle between reality, and real life. Real life always goes on, proceeds at its own pace, doesn’t stop at all, doesn’t care whether you’re ready or not to match your step with it.

Reality, on the other hand, could be a single truth that holds you by the jugular, keeping you stuck there. But trust me, if you ever feel stuck, you always have the power to unstick yourself. Just, let go.

Not all things have to end with hate and disregard, you know. Sometimes, people don’t click, it’s as simple as that. Every single relationship is very easy and very good in the beginning–that’s how it is. The person(s) you are with is nothing short of the answer to all of life’s problems, the only missing thing in your life. However, after a while, the rosy tint begins to wear off, the cracks start to appear, and let’s face it: your perfect relationship isn’t so perfect anymore.

Some of the said relations can be saved through persistence and patience, just by sticking around for a long enough duration, but not all of them are so easy to maintain. If it takes two to start something, it takes at least that much to keep it going.

So, you know, if it’s not working, don’t push yourself anymore. The Beatles once said “you have to know when to quit” and they were right on the money when they said that. Make sure you’re doing it for the right reasons, but also at the right time, and quit.

You would receive a lot comments about how you’ve ‘changed’, but let’s face it, if they knew your reasons, they would understand. And if you love something/someone, you have to let them be free to change–that’s the golden rule.

If you think that you are some kind of hero for holding on to dead relations, or by holding on to your anger, think again. You might be performing on a stage with only yourself as an audience. It’s like drinking poison, sip by sip, and hoping someone else dies: worthless. So, yeah, don’t do that.

The battle between reality and real life need not always be a bad thing, you know. It is what keeps you going, forces you to keep pushing through the darkness. You just have to learn how to manage your head and heart in a better way. We could do it together, lovelies. It’ll be easier, trust me.


Things change, people change. Change is inevitable, and you can’t stop it by saying “just like seasons, people change.”

You can’t stop change, so might as well stop complaining about it.

Breaking old patterns, changing them, is how new worlds emerge.

And trust me, you are hilariously inadequate when it comes to stopping it.

Get your act together, woman.

The world awaits.


I’ll see you guys soon.




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