Where Art Thou?

Hey-lo, ladies and gentlemen. Welcome to the general mess that is my sweet, grand life.

*takes a bow, blows you a kiss*

As I had promised at least a million times, it is time to dissect the idea of my Mr. Perfect, the one male unicorn of a man who will have the power to tame me and my crazy like no other. Or at least as good as my mother and my best friend.

Are you ready? Let’s do it:

1. I-N-D-E-P-E-N-D-E-N-T

There is just no way that I can stress this enough, and how important it is for me that the person I am with is capable enough. I have a fierce sense of independence, and although I admit that everyone needs help and support once in a while, I can’t stand people for whom it becomes a habit. If a man cannot take care of himself, how in the world would he be able to take care of me?

2. Responsible

I think this one follows from point #1, but I’m going to reiterate it anyway. Spiderman wasn’t kidding when he declared “with great power comes great responsibility”–he had a damn good point. The sense of responsibility and/or righteousness is another deal-breaker for me, because I believe that there are a million of times when doing the right thing isn’t the same as doing what’s best for you. It takes immense courage, but definitely pays off in the end.

3. Respect for art/language

This does not mean that he has to be a total bookworm or anything, oh no. You could be a music-lover, a gaming addict, or even a rookie at guitar playing for all I care. But you must at least respect my love for art and language. This may or may not entail helping me set up an entire library inside our house. Consider yourself warned.

4. Accepts defeat from coffee

If I have to choose between my better half and caffeine, guess who I’d pick?

Let me help you out:


Coffee is my first love, writing the second, and whoever decides to be with me has to make peace with the fact that he shall be the #3 in my list of loves. Just saying.

Also, a little tip–and it goes for everyone, not just Mr. Perfect–if you ever mess up, or make me upset, just bring me my coffee with less sugar than usual, and there is a very strong chance that we’ll be singing The Happy Song in under an hour.

5. Quirky/Weird/Downright Crazy

In case you haven’t got the memo from knowing me, let me just say it again: I love surprises. I also love crazy people with whom I can have long conversations, and with whom nothing is off-limits. It would be a great quality to have in my partner, because, hey, who doesn’t want to spend entire weekends playing Guitar Hero, sipping coffee and talking like there’s no tomorrow?


Nope, I’m not done. But let’s just process these above facts, and I promise you, there’s more to come.

I may or may not be doing this of the fear that I’m going to die single.

Did you know that all these facts stem from the observation that not a single guy around me possesses these qualities?

Yeah, that’s how horrible my prospects look.

I wish immigration was an easier process.

Okay, now I’m rambling. Time to go!

See you soon, lovelies.



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