Two Down, Ten To Go

Hello, ladies and gentlemen.

Welcome to Season 2 of Coffee & Curiosity.

I told you I’d be back.

You should listen to me.

Do you like the changes? If you do, awesome. If you don’t, well, okay, you’re entitled to your opinion. The header is my favorite.


February ended, this time after having breathed another extra day. Time to rewind and recount three most important lessons out of the many that February was kind enough (or not) to teach me. Here goes:

1. The first choice is not necessarily the correct choice.

2. No matter how street-smart you are, you can never bullshit your best friend.

3. When your wisdom teeth start to appear, make sure you your fridge is stocked with ice-cream, because let me tell you: it freaking hurts.

Yep, that’s right: one of my wisdom teeth started sprouting on February 29th (go figure), and the left side of my mouth was swollen to the point where the idea of eating anything gave me shudders of terror. It is still hurting, but I’ve learned to eat around it. Improvisation is my middle name, as you may know.

Exams ended today, and it’s raining here, so I’m just trying to not do anything, and just be for a while. The past two weeks have been very stressful, and I have exactly two days to unwind, and get my batteries charged up for the next innings.

Ah, the glories of the busy life.

And oh, look what I found:

Okay, I’ll go enjoy the beautiful weather and make plans for the coming two days. Meanwhile, you may go do whatever makes you very happy.

As always, it’s now or never.




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