Your Name, My Secret

My name will always be the secret in your mouth.

Hello, there.

I’m getting regular with my posts, aren’t I? Yeah, don’t get used to it. Exams could jump out at me from any corner, and then you’ll be left without a post for weeks. Just saying.

Okay, now that that’s out of the way. *grins* Let’s get to the point of this post (should it have one, because I’m not very sure where I’m going with this).

I told you I had a terrible writer’s block since some time now, and since I’ve accepted that, I’ve been constantly trying to get inspired, and just pretty much punch the damn writer’s block in its ugly face. By nature, I am a very eccentric writer. And by eccentric, I mean really crazy. I always go around looking for inspiration in the most unexpected and unconventional of places, and it just so happens that I find it in the said places.

That’s what happened today.

I found inspiration.

And for this, I got a friend/classmate/partner-in-crime to thank. I’m not going to go into details, but let’s just say that I learned one thing today, which is this: if there’s anything or anyone in the world that can redeem you from the depths of hell at any given time, it is you.

And if you bear a heart inside of you that is madly, deeply, and senselessly in love with someone (could be anyone, not just a member of the opposite gender), it’s always a bonus. 😉

So, you know, take risks. Fall in love. Run in the wrong direction, then come back to where you started from. Then do it all over again, because you can. Now is not the time to rethink/overthink, or to go around backtracking your steps, or to feel sorry for yourself. Now is the time to make mistakes, get stuck somewhere, and then figure your way out of that mess, while taking your time getting there.

You got only one life, and someone told me that it’s no way to spend it regretting some of the best things that happened to you, just because they don’t exist in your life anymore. Be happy that it happened, because you’re clearly luckier than most.

I’m turning 21 this year, and although my birthday is nine-and-a-half months away, I’m very determined to make sure that I do it right. Last year was full of lessons and revelations, and what is the damn point of them if I don’t make use of them? Yes, exactly. Now you get my point.

Or so I hope.

Next up, I have a post targeted for all those teens who are still smack dab in the middle of their teenage years (from ages fifteen to seventeen), wherein I share my life lessons, all those things that I’ve learnt being a teenager.

Like I said, I’m feeling very inspired right now.

Okay, duty calls. I got articles to write, and a novel to resume working on. Wish me luck, miss me while I’m gone, and of course, do whatever the hell feels correct to you. It’s always easier to ask for forgiveness, than to ask for permission.




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