Writer’s Block & Other Disasters

You can’t change any given thing, until you accept it.

Before I begin, let me just put one thing out in the open: writer’s block sucks. It can never be pretty, no matter however which way you dissect it or diffuse it. It feels like a tight grip around your throat, all the blood supply cut off from your brain which, in actual fact, is where your creativity stems from. For me, nothing compares to hell other than a writer’s block.


My head starts feeling heavy whenever it’s been a lot of time since I actually wrote, or worked on anything creative other than work, or my blog. Why? Well, because I’m an idiot. I stop prodding myself/keeping in constant touch with my feelings after a while, more focussed on other things (which could wait, easily) than I am on myself. Ever since exams ended, and I decided to resume working on my novel, I have written multiple scenes, but haven’t had the time (or energy, honestly) to sit down and connect them.

I haven’t even made it through with the outline, to be honest. The first scene is done. The climactic scene is kind of done. End scene is nowhere near done. As for outlines, I have three separate ones with the same set of characters, and I haven’t yet picked which one I want to build on.


Let’s just say I’m due for a rigorous rehabilitation regime (yay, alliteration).

My sense of balance is totally destroyed at the moment, and I know I can’t salvage it from the remains. I need to throw the rubble out, and start afresh, set new parameters, and then try to live up to my own standards.

All my problems begin at the same place: I fall too quick, and too hard. And then, when I have to pull back, that is what hurts like hell. Withdrawal symptoms, as the world calls it. Hence, rehab. I need it.

Anyway, the last two days have been great, thanks to a couple of my friends. On Friday, we ditched the last class and went to Karnataka Food Centre in New Delhi, for a South Indian treat.







"Maharaja Thali" (King's Meal, truly fitting)

“Maharaja Thali” (King’s Meal, truly fitting)


And today, I went to get my books, and ended up sharing these delicacies with the same people. In a nutshell, time well spent.



Chhole Bhature (Google it, man. Do your research)

Chhole Bhature (Google it, man. Do your research)

Honey Chilli Potato

Honey Chilli Potato

All the pictures were clicked by Rahul, a big shout to him!


Okay, so much food ought to have you salivating. I know I am. I’m going to ahead and get coffee, and then sit down with my notebook and get started on writing, or maybe I’ll just go read.

Hopefully, by the next post, I’d have better things to share with you guys. Next up: A short review of the first month of 2016, accompanied by a surprise craft project.

Wait, everyone. Good things come to those who wait.




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