Oh, yeah.

Four days into the new semester, and already, one thing is becoming increasingly clear: changes are afoot. And in all honesty, I’ve never been happier. My heart is beating inside my own chest, and now I don’t have to watch my back for doing the simplest things (major relief). What’s more? I get applauded for following my heart (you know who you are, thanks!).

I’m looking forward to so many things this year, and I’ve made it a point to never let go of control, at least as far as my moments are concerned. No blood, no foul, and all that.

A big, warm thank you to everyone in my class who make the torturous hours bearable. Seriously, you just have to muddle through, and then nothing is as difficult as it initially seems. One day passes, then the next, and then another. Trust me, I’ve been in enough batshit situations to say so, time passes, and everyone grows out of the scenario, and gets on with their lives.

Like I always say, just go ahead and take that first step in faith.

Of course, a little company does wonders. 😉


Credits: Akash



Credits: Nano

Credits: Nano

Whenever I feel like I might do something I’m sure to regret later, I turn to these beautiful ladies (Garry and Nano, if you didn’t know). Or Rahul. Or Mom. Or, well, a lot of others. The right people make a ton of difference to your life, there’s no question about it.

I miss Dad a lot lately, especially when both of us used to stay up late until the night, just doing our thing, neither of us talking. With my father, silence is always welcome, and this, both of us have in common. Silence is golden, you know. 😛

Well, I’m off. I’ll catch you guys later.




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