Breath of Fresh Air

Yep, you know what happened. College started.

So, all last night, I kept tossing and turning, feeling blankly restless, more than anything at all. Nano did tell me, many times over, to not sweat it, but you know me: I just don’t listen.

And right now, when the day has gone by, I feel oddly, I don’t know, peaceful. Acceptance is such a wonderful thing, it just instantly calms your nerves. I’ve accepted that there’s no need to work so hard for everything, especially when it comes to relationships. If you watch your step, and respect yours and the other person’s feelings, then that’s more than enough, I guess.

Love isn’t something you have to deserve. It’s a feeling, it can’t be scrunched into numbers and statistics. It can’t be measured.

Frankly, I’m hell-bent on doing a lot of things this year, the most important one of which is to make every moment count, starting with my Queen, Nano’s birthday, that is coming up real soon. Wish me luck, people. Pray for me that I don’t bruck this up, because let’s face it: she gallops when I jog. It’s hard to impress her.

Tenacity comes in handy at times like this. Thank you, my tenacious self. You push me that much further when I want to run the opposite direction.

Not a lot happened today, except the aforementioned mental mayhem. Hoping to report more interesting stuff, soon!



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