That Kind Of Girl

Hey-lo everyone!

This post was a long-time coming, because I promised you people a post way back in June about my top 10 quirks, and, well, it’s November. I think I’m due for that. But before we go ahead with this, let me warn you: this post contains tit-bits of my secret (or not-so-secret, depending on how close you are to me) quirks, but also certain things and habits of mine that although are very much practiced in public, do not get much attention.

So, are you ready? Let’s go.

1. I mumble old Hindi songs when there’s something ticking at the back of my mind.

Yeah, this is one very potent habit of mine. If there’s something I have to say to someone, or if there’s anything that makes me tick, I resort to singing. Well, not the at-the-top-of-your-voice singing, because I’m terrible at singing. Instead, I just hum the said song in a very low voice. If you try to lean in and listen, you’ll know.


2. If I knew how to make ginger tea (the kind my father makes), coffee would be #2.

Surprising, right? I know, I get that reaction from a wide majority of people when I tell them this. My dad is a tea fanatic, and consumes large volumes of tea at least three times a day. His ginger tea (with milk and sugar and awesomeness, all measured up perfectly) is my most favorite. Unfortunately, I’ve never been successful in replicating his recipe.

And maybe that’s why I stick to coffee, because that’s my home ground. Bring out the caffeine, people.

3. I always switch off my phone when I’m angry

This is stems from the fact that I do not like conflict. So, when I’m fuming white-hot, I cut down all ties with the outside world (the best I can), and just spend time with myself. This, couple with hot coffee and classic rock, usually does me in. The next day, I’m all good.

So if you dial my number and the good lady over the line says “the number you’ve dialed is currently switched off’, I suggest you take it as a hint, and just back off. I’ll call you back when I’m approachable, definitely.


4. Don’t make promises to me that you cannot keep.

Seriously, don’t. The main reason is that I remember all the promises that you make, and also the times when you can’t keep them. Just be who you are, don’t pretend at all. Broken promises don’t make for a good equation with me, I’m telling you straight up.


5. I am not kept; I do the keeping.

It’s as simple as that, pretty basic logic, really: if there’s anything that needs to be done, I can very well do it on my own, thank you very much. This is often a big problem for me, because I always want to be at the top of my game, come what may. Whether it’s a one-step process, or a twenty-step dealing, I’ll do it, no questions, and no help. Don’t expect me to beg you for help, regardless of what kind of shit I’m in, because I won’t. Never.


These are just a couple of things that I thought I’d share with you people. Other than these, I’m also incredibly stubborn, messy, careless (oh boy am I), and very scared of sore throats (I feel like I’ll lose my voice, never a good feeling).

Well, we all have our special talents, and these are mine. These are the pretty little stones that adorn my garden, so to speak, all the things that make me, me.

I’ll see you guys soon, after I recover from cold and sore throats (oh, the torture).

Before I go, a very happy birthday to Astha and Kanwar, my two very special friends! Happy birthday, lovelies! :*




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