All The Difference

Yep, you know it, you know what happened.

I finished reading ‘Saint Anything.’ *cue silence, followed by lots of silent inward gushing and awing*

Okay. Now, we talk.

Can I just go ahead and declare something that I feel really strongly about? Well, here’s it: As a loyal Dessen reader who has read (and re-read, several times) all the books that Sarah Dessen has ever written, I would say that Saint Anything is a total winner. There is something just so real and magnetic about the book and the way it’s written that pulls you right in, from the word go.

It’s unbelievable, actually. Also, Mac and Sydney have are giving Mclean and Dave a run for their money in my mind right now for the title of my favorite couple.

The best thing about this book, for me, is that it really gets me going. It made me angry, made me sad, and God did it make me gush and giggle. It was one hell of an experience, reading Saint Anything. Also, there were these little quirky-yet-irreplaceable elements scattered throughout the book that just made it all the more amazingly wonderful.

I’m at a loss of words, actually, if you didn’t already sense that.

I learned a couple of things from Saint Anything, too, along with Sydney, who was on her own trip.

One, silence is always the safest bet when it comes to scary or difficult situations, sure, but it does not get you very far. You are left guessing and helpless, but for the most part, it’s thoroughly useless to assume something without seeking any kind of confirmation for or about it. So, you know, just talk. It doesn’t have to make sense, whatever it is that you are saying, so long as you are actually saying it. Once it’s out in the open, I think the words and the story is all that matters.

Two, no one person can be your entire world; it’s just not possible. You don’t get perfect, ever, so it’s actually lucky if you even get anything close to it. Give me imperfect but genuine instead of the fake perfection, any day.

And three, do the right thing, because it’s always possible. Everything is a choice, even when it does not seem like that from the up-top. Just, you know, think a little harder and make what you feel in your gut is the correct thing to do. I promise you, it’ll be worth it.


Okay, so that was about the beautifully written Saint Anything, which I shall probably begin reading again in a few hours (it’s a thing, don’t ask). I also have Let It Snow in the to-be-read list, which was gifted to me by my dearest Nano on my birthday (love you, Nans).

I’ll keep you posted, darlings.

In other news, third semester is nearing its end, with exams starting next week, and continuing until the week before New Year’s. I know, my life is so happening, it gets unbearable at times.

So, yeah. That’s about it. I’ll see you guys soon!




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