Back Home

Not literally, but figuratively, the end of October always brings me back home. Or maybe this sudden revelation stems from the fact that I’m back at doing what I do best: reading Sarah Dessen, this time her 12th (and latest) book, Saint Anything.

I just started reading it today morning, and already, I can feel the sense of calm and familiarity creeping up at the back of my mind, one that I associate very strongly with Dessen books. What can I say? I’m just crazy like that, as you may know by now.

Other than getting my hands on this amazing book, there isn’t much that I have been up to. The holiday season kicked off in India this Thursday with Dussehra, and here, holidays come bearing gifts, lights, bursts of colors, the usual family drama and this strong, almost-pungent sense of togetherness that suddenly takes the entire country in its hold.

It’s crazy, really. But, I guess that’s the entire point.

For me, holidays mean great food (me and mom in the kitchen for hours on end, never getting tired), and beautiful clothes (that’s more of my sister’s thing. Even at nine years of age, she’s got a far better fashion sense than I do at twenty), apart from the free passes at trying out crazy new things (that generally backfire).

Ah, the feels. There’s nothing that beats the lights and colors of Diwali. The cold-but-not-yet-chilly weather is also another plus.

Excuse me for the irregularity in posting, but don’t you worry, I do have a couple posts lined up.

Just wait.

See ya!


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