Bad judgements & good decisions

Just a few more hours to go, and then I shall officially outlive my teenage years. Well, ladies and gentlemen, it’s been a hell of a ride. *cue the applause*

Personally, the past year has been an experience of its own, every day coming with something or the other that I didn’t plan, didn’t expect, didn’t know how to react to. But, here we are.

One year gone, another one about to start. Time flies, really. We might not agree to that on a day to day basis, but it’s the truth.

We do have time, but not for the critical stuff.

We have time to start a fight, but none to apologize.

We have time to fall in love, but none to prove it so.

We have time to start new relationships, but none to carry them forward.

We always, always have time for beginnings, never to pull that thing through.

This, in a nutshell, is my last year. Every single time that a new venture came up, time felt like a limitless commodity, nothing to worry about. But once the beginning was done, and it was time to pull through the mess, time did nothing but slip out of my hands like dry sand.

But you know what?

It all works out, eventually. Once you realize that you’re too far gone to go back, once you resolve to stick things out, everything works itself out. Okay, maybe it wouldn’t happen rightaway, and not as quickly as you would like it to. Maybe things get way worse before they get better. Maybe, sometimes it makes you feel like giving it all up.

Don’t. Don’t do anything out of terror, or tiredness. Just wait. Count the seconds, count your breaths, just wait. 

Other than that, do whatever you feel like doing. It’s always better to just do whatever you want, than to keep wondering for the rest of your life. Say what you want, do what you feel is right. Just go ahead, finish it off.

Deal with everything later, as it comes.

Here’s to another year, full of beautiful memories. Here’s to stronger relationships.

Here’s to life.





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