This Is Why

Hey, y’all. What’s up? Summer is almost over people, bid your final farewells well.

But hey, there’s autumn to look forward to, right? Maybe it is not so bad. Personally, I’m a little biased toward autumn (because I was born in October, the official start of fall), the perfect buffer between the extreme miseries of summer and winter.

The entire year kind of rushes past you once it hits the October 1st mark, or so I like to believe. But also at the same time, everything just kind of relaxes into itself, all the business of the first few months of the year giving way for calm and this strange kind of peace that stems only and only from acceptance.

Like I said, autumn is the perfect pause between the beginning and the end, a kind of time-out that all of us need in our lives, every once in a while.

Also, I am turning 20 this October. Yes, I’m shamelessly endorsing my birthday, because well, I’m obsessed with birthdays in general. And since it is my birthday, I am sure my enthusiasm is justified. 😀

Exactly 39 days to go for the twentieth, people.

And if you’ve known me for any length of time (online or otherwise), you are probably well aware of the fact that I’m a documentation freak. In simple words, I just have to document everything and anything, good/bad/weird/crazy or whatever.

Even my life. And hence, I am going to account for the year that has gone by, and all the changes that have come about with me and in me, however significant or not.

Are you ready? Let’s go!

♥ I am not going to lie; last year has been very difficult at times, and incredibly easy at others. People dealing had never been my strong suit in the first nineteen years of my life, and although there hasn’t been any monumental improvement in that area lately, I do think I’m just a little better equipped now to interact with others than before. Just a little.

♥ College has been a ridiculously busy affair since day one, and although I didn’t expect anything out of it (still don’t), there have been quite a few moments that have taken me completely by surprise. But that, I’m sure, has way more to do with my friends and the people I chose to surround myself with, rather than anything else. A big thank you to everyone, you know who you are.

♥ I learnt to drive (thanks, Mom) and got my own car (thanks, Dad). Here’s a picture of my beauty, for your amusement.


♥ Despite opting for engineering as my major, I didn’t let go of what I really, and truly love to do: writing. And keeping that in mind, I took up a job as a content writer at Weaving Thoughts in April. Suffice to say, it is everything and more that I was looking for, keeping me in touch with the writer side of me, along with the normal and socially acceptable one. 😛

Writing and coffee, the two loves of my life.

♥ After a very grave discussion with many people (including mom and Nano), I finally accepted the fact that nine times out of ten, I choose to escape the situation rather than deal with it. And after realizing this, I’ve been continuously trying to rework my ways, and be more upfront and unyielding about things. So far, there have been quite some improvements, but this is one thing that still needs a lot of work.

But I promise to get there, soon.


♥ Other than the materialistic, I also made a couple of emotionally trying choices, which, to be absolutely honest, has been a terrifying experience. For someone who follows the same cycle of events with almost everyone she meets (get to know them, give them a single benefit of the doubt, and then see if it works out or not), giving away so much of myself with zero hopes and expectations has been very difficult, yet very rewarding.

Remember the calm of October that I was talking about earlier? The one that stems from acceptance? Yeah, I feel that a lot now, now that there are certain things that I have accepted well and truly in my life. Once you stop fighting, you stop fearing. Waiting comes with its own surprises.



Yeah, I know. Quite a year, right? Tell me about it.

But hey, there’s still 39 days left till the Big Day, and I don’t have to tell you that a hell of a lot can happen in that much time. For something to change its course or spin around on its head, even a single minute is enough.

And we’re talking a little over a month here, darlings. A lot could happen.

Here’s hoping it’s all memorable stuff, all the more for me to add to the vault of memories marked ’19th’. You know, it never fails to surprise me how fast time passes. On a day to day basis, it may feel like we’re dragging ourselves, but when you look at the bigger picture you realize how insignificant all that is.

Let’s see where the roads take us, yeah? I’ll see you guys soon.




2 thoughts on “This Is Why

  1. Fillandra | the Transformative Writer says:

    Oh I can relate to that 🙂 I’m an october child as well, on the 2nd I turn 21 :p and I looooove the autumn magic so much too :3

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