If the entire summer was to be compressed in a week’s time, August definitely would be Sunday, the last day of the week.

The last twenty-four hours wherein we would all try and finish all those pending things that we had decided we would accomplish, and just try our best to tie all those loose ends, and well, hope for the best.

You know, of late, I have come to believe that when you stop thinking about all those what ifs, and just take the plunge, it gets way easier (or so I hope it would). Bearing an untold story inside of yourself is the heaviest burden of them all, believe me. And once you let it out, once you let the world know, your heart gets a lot of free space.

Use it to your best, people. Really.

So, third semester started two weeks ago. College is what it is, let us just agree on that. It’s just one of those things that you have to do each day after you wake up.

Another one of those things that you do after you wake up, is to accept the truth and gather enough courage to say it out loud. Do it today, do it now. It is an extremely scary idea (and even scarier thing to actually do), but trust me, once it’s done, it’s done. There are no assumptions, no guesswork, no nothing. It’s just you, and the truth.

It is actually kind of liberating.

Don’t wait for Sunday, or August, to say the truth like I did. Do it now, as soon as you can. Distances crop up when we hold back, things just go awry. Don’t let that happen.

Like I always say, it’s now or never.

You don’t live forever, but as long as you’re alive, make the most of the seconds you get.


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