Tiny Whatevers & End Of Summer

You know, more often than not, it is not something big and grand that tweaks your day all out of balance. Usually, it’s those little things that keep happening over the course of your day, nagging you, making you mad.

These said things, ladies and gentlemen, are what I like to call the tiny whatevers.

‘Tiny’, well, because of their overall impact on your life in the long haul. ‘Whatever’, because that’s my usual response to them. I roll my eyes, pull in a few quick breaths, and shrug it away (or try to, rather, because there are times when I get really mad).


Summer, huh?

You know, I will never get over and move past the depressing fact that I live in a landlocked city. I love the ocean, the immensity of it. It is so liberating to just sit out on the beach, enjoy the wind blowing hard against your face, and just be.

For someone who is almost always rushed up on caffeine, the ocean does what most things fail to do: calm me down. No, really, I mean it. My mind goes absolutely blank, the happy emptiness that you feel when you just wake up from a deep sleep. Ah, the feels.

This is a very persistent tiny whatever for me, the inability to reach the open water whenever I wish to.


That, everyone, was just me being all dreamy and stuff, so yeah, please excuse me.

Back to the point of this post (should there be any).

College starts  Monday, August 3.

The summer was uneventful and exciting, both at the same time. It was just one of those summers, where you expect a whole lot, but end up receiving a whole other bunch of stuff. Summer is what it is, really. It should just come with a warning now : Don’t expect anything. Nothing ever happens the way you plan it.

On second thought, maybe life itself should come with a warning like that. It’s just too fond of spinning around on its head most of the times.


I cannot really say if I’m looking forward to whatever comes next. To be very honest, I would just crawl into my bed, and sleep. Or maybe eat pizza, and watch Modern Family throughout the day. Anything that can save me from college.

Let’s see what happens now, shall we? I just hope it’s something good.

Or great.

See ya.




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