Okay? Okay.

To be honest, I’m in a very sunnnyyyyyy state of mind (as you can probably tell by the unnecessary repetition of letters), and with good reason.

You know, up until last year (till college started), I was convinced top to bottom that there was no way in this universe that someone could make me smile right in the morning, especially when I hadn’t had my coffee. It is a Herculean task, I’m telling you.

So, if you think about it, this person who did manage to do that, is probably really special.

And what makes today so special?

Because it’s her birthday.

My alleged daughter (don’t even ask), also known as Jigglypuff to you people (you’ve heard about her here), turns 19 years young today!

Happy 19th, Kirthika!

I honestly do not know how and when this happened, but one day I asked what her name was, and that was it. The rest was her doing, I’m very certain. She assumed this familiarity and made it seem like it had been there between us since forever.

Let’s just say that this one is a real piece of work, a rare find on her own.

So, in her honour, here is a poem that is, yes, my very own. Copyright infringement intended, so if you’re planning on stealing it, I’m watching you. *insert scary glares*

Here goes:

Tell me about the dream,

Where we pulled our bodies out of the wind,

And dressed them in warm hugs again.

About the roads we’ve travelled,

And the destinations we’ve reached,

None of them being able to hold us for long.


Tell me about the weight that you carry on your shoulders,

Of the many lives unlived, words unspoken and feelings never owned.

Tell me about your search for The Life, The Truth, The Way

And how you try to live your life in those precious moments.


Tell me about the scars that mar your soul,

And the dreams that burn in your eyes,

And about how you never let the world take over,

How you never stop fighting.


The eyes that stretch out to the horizon,

The hands that search for mine in the darkness,

The moments that we share, the people we meet.

Tell me about how all this, and love,

Will ruin us?


Tell me about the dream, where you rest your weary head on my shoulder,

And close your eyes to the world.


Kirthika, if you’re reading this, well: happy birthday, you goof. I love you like I love my coffee and my novels, so you should consider yourself lucky.

Because I do. I consider myself very lucky to have you in my life. Let’s just keep it that way for a while. Or forever.


Okay. ❤


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