Out Of Order. Be Back Soon?

I am, actually, speechless.

No, it does not have to do anything with any person/event, except my mind deciding to go out of its way to hinder most everything I’ve tried to do lately.

One, exams are on, which for me means long nights, little to no free time at all, and of course, scary books with intimidating text. So, in a place like this, I desperately need all my faculties in place, which had never been an issue.

Until now.

In the past couple of days, I’ve gone from normal to super-stressed to stretched-beyond-normal-capacity, and somehow, just somehow, nothing seems to improve. Suffice to say, my only solace has been sleep, and coming from an insomniac by choice, this is pretty huge.

Damn it.

However, I do have a couple of great things that I decided needed to be done this summer, starting the minute I turn in my last exam on June 11 to the examiner. Currently, the list looks like this:

  • Watch Paper Towns (absolute must, no changing)
  • Watch Poltergeist (not an absolute must, but why not)
  • Road trip! (provided I do not make my mother mad enough to pull the plug on this one)
  • Culinary adventures with Nano (#NaniggyCode, a deal’s a deal)
  • Amusement park (hello, big scary roller coasters)
  • Regulate sleeping patterns (doctor’s suggestion, Mom’s orders. Don’t know which one’s more daunting)


And close to a million more. This list is specifically designed to occupy each waking minute of my vacations, as well as include almost every person I know personally and care enough about.

Ah. Wishful thinking is a blessing in times like these. 😉

It’s funny how we make all these plans in advance, where in actuality, we do not have the slightest idea about what might happen the next moment. But still we get up each morning and face the day that follows, already thinking about what needs to be done the next day, next week or next month.

Belief is a very strong thing, you know. These lists and plans and dreams, all of them rest on belief, and this is so for everyone. Nobody is innocent of believing. Everybody does it.

Speaking of, I was watching Castle earlier today, and I realized how badly I miss reading and just roaming around in the book stores for the longest durations possible. Last book I read was Thirteen Reasons Why, in January.  

Me needs some Sarah Dessen/Susane Colasanti power-up, and quick. The writer side of me feels so freaking deprived at the moment, it is hardly funny. It feels like a phone running on 4% battery, about to die (or hibernate) any moment now. I’m praying, for the sake of the writer (and saner person) in me, that I get my hands on a novel soon.

If you satisfy this condition, I love you. ❤

Okay, so I’m going to go study. Five more exams to go, one of them being English (ah, sweet, sweet justice), stretched over the next two weeks.

Once the exams are done, I have a couple of posts lined up for you people, wherein I discuss a lot of things, from my top-secret quirks, to life as engineering student, to my ideal man (super cheesy topic, but I’ve been dared).

Just hang in there, okay?

I’ll be back soon. Do whatever fascinates you, in the meanwhile.

It’s now or never.




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