I know I said I have exams, and I still do. But then again, what’s the longest I’ve stayed away from writing? Oh, wait. Don’t answer that (but that was for reasons beyond my control, so please).

I’m here now. Clapping.

Honestly, I just wanted to write a post, but as it has been of late, I didn’t know what to write. So, you know what I did? I asked a certain someone to suggest something that I could write about, and he went on from one great idea to another, hurling them out like a machine. And this guy claims that he doesn’t like reading or anything even remotely related to it, can you believe it?

Yeah, me neither. This one is a piece of work.

Anyway, the idea-hunt was followed by a very interesting conversation (to say the least), which included a lot of data collection from unaware civilians, and do not even ask me to describe the debates that ensued.

Let’s just say here that while trying to study for my physics practical (which is Monday morning, just so you know), I did learn a lot than I bargained for. And in all honesty, it wouldn’t be incorrect to say that it was a good trade.

I was the pig here. Literally and figuratively. 😛


The debate was about whether this person (you all might know him as Abra from this post) was wicked/mean/crazy/out-and-out-asylum material, or not. I said that he wasn’t, and he was hell-bent on proving that he was (god knows why anyone would want to be called such colourful stuff, but this is one is like one of those people who just do not fail to surprise you with every single conversation you have with them).


He asked this very question to over fifteen people, and to cut the long story short, I won. Barring a few, most everyone said that this person is none of the bad stuff. I wouldn’t say he’s perfect or innocent (oh dear God, no), but yeah, he isn’t what he claimed to be either.

Hence, proved. I won, game over for him.He isn’t as bad as he would like to be, and I’m not as bad at judging people as I thought I was. The thing is, the past few hours were just one of those absolutely pointless and aimless durations of time that would have just gone by, but didn’t.

Seriously, now. I’m still trying to wrap my head around what just happened. I honestly talked to someone trying to prove them that they’re not as mean or nasty as they think they are. Wow.

I need help. 😛

Damn right.

But needless to say, I feel like something just clicked in my brain, like a memory being tugged loose, or my mind suddenly finding its way back to me. It probably had nothing to do with Abra (still feels funny calling someone that) and the conversation that we just had, or maybe it had everything to do with it, I don’t know.

The bottom line is, there is no way you can change the kind of person that you are at your core. You can pretend all you want to be someone else, maybe even convince a few (or not, it just depends on your acting skills, really), but at the end of the day, you’re you. And you’ve been you, this person that you are, your entire life. There is no way you could change who you are, no way you can change your heart.

It is like trying to tamper with the taste of Nutella, and nobody touches Nutella. 😉

Your basic nature, that’s what you come home to, at the end of every day. The entire day you’re among people, you could try and be a million different versions of yourself, but as the day draws to a close, all those versions dissuade as you recoil to yourself.

At the end of every day, is homecoming for your true self. If it makes you happy, you may go on lying to yourself and sport that poker face all day long, but it will all still be an act, like the fake fireplace. No matter how closer you get to it, you don’t feel the heat at all.

I know Abra (yep, still feels funny calling him this) is probably shaking his head while he reads this, ready to disagree, but we could always gather more statistics on this topic, trouble more people, if that’s what it takes to convince him. 😛

Just go do whatever floats your boat, whatever makes you happy.

Do not just do stuff because you think it is right, but because you feel it is the thing you want to do.

I shall get back to work, and Abra (god, I need another name) is probably already firing up a couple of bases in the Clash of Clans, one of his absolute favourite things to do.

We’re both big believers in doing what seems right, anybody else’s opinion notwithstanding. 😛

I’ll see you guys later. It’s now or never.




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