Hide & Seek

No, I’m not advertising anything. I would, if only I’d been in a better mood and/or frame of mind, which, sadly, I’m not.

You know how when you’re playing hide and seek, your mind just goes into an autopilot kind of thing, where it just doesn’t trust anyone, but your senses? You’re out looking for all those who are in hiding, and every nerve in your body is super alert and super careful. You just know you cannot trust a soul.

There’s a reason for all those games we played as kids, ladies and gentlemen. They’re like life-lessons in compact: be careful, look out, don’t trust anyone.

So, back to the point of this post.

Let’s just say that I learnt a couple of things that were not exactly meant for me to know about. But I did (I’m obstinate like that, can’t help it). See this is what I do every single time. I actually go around looking for trouble, and/or  looking for information that would, in all probability, destroy me. It’s not healthy, and it’s definitely not recommended, but I keep doing it anyway.

In my defence, I’d say that it’s better to know the truth and be unhappy for a little while, and not go on building your castles of glass without any knowledge of the truth whatsoever. The shattering of your lovely castle is going to be very loud and very painful to hear, you know. Better just make sure the ground is solid before you start work.

The truth is bitter, yes, but so are medicines that make you better. It’s just the same thing, honey, just working in a different way. 😉 You know what I mean.

Other than this absolutely scintillating revelation, my life has been about nothing else but exams, which, FYI, start on May 13th and end on June 11. Pray that you find me alive once the said period is over.

Fall comes bearing big surprises. Just saying.

I’ll see you soon.




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