Radio Silence.

Throwback to last year, same time. Read every word, and you’ll know what’s up.

P.S.- I miss you, detective.

Coffee & Curiosity

Close your eyes when you’re all alone, with nobody around, no sound to be heard. Do you hear anything? Of course you do.

Silence is so freaking loud.

It’s what fills up the void when there are no words left to say, or hear. It’s impossible not to hear it.

I don’t know about you, but in my opinion, when somebody is incredibly straightforward with what’s on their mind, and prefer to just say it and not hold back, I find it very reassuring. What’s not reassuring is the situation when the said person suddenly falls silent, choosing to keep it in and not let go.

You just know, at that moment, that maybe all is not well in paradise, after all.

I have too many reasons for writing this post, but strangely, none of them make sense. Just a bunch of words and incomplete sentences. But more than…

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