The Next ‘Best Thing Ever’?

Hi! *tiny wave*

I’m back. πŸ˜€

Okay, so I know the last post (if you can call it that) was way too angry and abrupt. I do know, trust me. I would offer an explanation, but then what’s the point of it all? Exactly nothing. And honestly, I’m tired of doing so much of explaining. It’s probably the only thing I’ve been doing of late, apart from being constantly perturbed for things that have always been out of my circle of control (typical control freak behavior, you know it).

So. No more of that.

With the end of the last chapter, began a new one, as always. The hunt for the next Best Thing Ever resumed the very moment the last Best Thing Ever ceased to exist. It is very simple logic, really. One thing can suddenly seem like the answer to all of life’s problems, and then when it’s done its time, you move on, ready to welcome the next great thing that would again solve all your issues, at least for another three months or so.

I mean, if something does not make you happy anymore the way it used to be, try to fix it. But there does come a time when you have to step away, pack away all your tools, and move on. If one day you wake up and find the same thing fixed, awesome. If not, there’s always going to be something else that could bring back the smile on your face.

Just look up in time. Break free from whatever’s holding you back. Look up from the road you’re walking on. Maybe you’re already where you wanted to be.

So, you know. Look up.

The last few months have changed so many little things about me, and those changes will always be there, for as long as I’m alive. Every time I speak out my mind to people, I’ll smile and silently thank the person who is responsible for this. Each time that somebody tells me that I’m ridiculously random, I’ll shrug and tell them that I’ve been told that before. These, along with a million other things, will be perpetual reminders of what had been. But just that: reminders. Nothing more. The past, once it’s gone, becomes a memory.

Exams start Monday, end on Wednesday, the usual glorified life of a college student. My car’s at the workshop, so public transport it is. The coming three days come bearing bundles of stress and long nights spent cramming large chunks of information. Kindly take this as a heads up, and take out time to pray for me. πŸ˜›

I’m going to get back to math. It can’t survive without me.

While I’m locked up in my room with scary-looking books, you go do whatever makes you happy. I personally suggest rekindling an old passion, resuming a long-forgotten hobby. It feels like meeting an old friend.

You know it. It’s now, or it’s never.




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