It’s just business. #Sherene


Tell me how surprised you are to see me post fairly regularly, despite complaining in almost every post about the ever-increasing workload? Well, you know me. Always over-bending to do what I love, after I’ve done what I have to. 😉


Last exam on Saturday. End of the first semester. One down, seven more to go.

Now, if you find the galls to tell me that time doesn’t fly, I swear to God I will punch you. Really hard. See, I’m the last person on this planet who would believe something that I haven’t seen with my own two eyes or experienced for myself. But this whole deal about time literally making a long jump from August’14 to January’15?

It’s not funny, man. Time lapses could be lethal.

Good thing they at least leave you with a ton of memories.

Speaking of memories, I gathered quite a bit of my own. And learnt a couple of lessons the harder way, one that involves a bunch of stretchy days and sleepless nights.

But, you know how it goes with people like me. When you play with fire, your hands do get burnt in the process.

So, lesson #1 became the realization that majority of my acquaintances with people are nothing but business relationships. I’m not even kidding right now. It’s like I know someone, and they claim they know me, but as soon as the mutually beneficial aspect of the so-called friendship ceases to exist, it’s all over. No matter however much they swear up and down that they do actually care about me, it just doesn’t happen.

As always.

Lesson #2 is actually very surprising, something I never thought had any kind of potential of being real. But it does happen: guys are every bit as prone to over-thinking as the female persuasion. And I’m stating this on very solid proof, so just take my word on this one. Honestly, life is just hilarious sometimes. 😛

Lastly, lesson #3 is just more of the same, something I’m very sure I’ve mentioned many times in my posts: all the men in my life need help at large. It’s like I have this aura of hostility rolling out of me in huge, leaping waves that just magnifies when I’m around anybody who’s a man. We just never click. Earlier, I used to think it was only Dad, but now that number has jacked up way too high.

Well, okay, not that high, but it’s just someone important who fell victim to the cold air I emanate. Sad, sad life.

So, you know, a shout out to all those who get to deal with me on a daily basis: I do notice everything. Every little detail. And I don’t have to be a detective for that. 😉

And as for the #Sherene hashtag that features so proudly in the title of this post, let’s just say that it is a constant reminder of something that will always be unfinished business between me and a significant other, because to be very honest, that’s all that our acquaintance boils down to: business. 

But it shall be incomplete for as long as I can tell, bundles of unspoken words heavy in the air, tying both of us to each other.

I’ll see you guys later. Next up, I promise is my Bucket List 2015, unedited.

Miss me while I’m gone.







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