Playing the game.

The heart wants what it wants.

The heart wants what it wants.

The heart wants what it wants.

Damn it.

No, I’m not in love (jeez, slow your roll). It’s a song by Selena Gomez (I know, I know. I’m going soft) that I heard yesterday, and now can’t seem to stop listening to. It’s a weirdly sad song, and she’s crying way too much in the video, but it’s also very true.

Here, have a listen:

Get what I’m saying? I’m sure you do. There’s no doubt about the fact that when it sets its mind to it, the heart does actually want what it wants.

Exams are still on, and end on January 31st. Honestly, I just find it really difficult to believe that the entire first month of 2015 has just flown by amidst exams and nothing else.

It’s very sad, actually. There have been a few bright spots in this great expanse of bleary muddled waters, but only so many. It won’t be entirely incorrect to say that I am disappointed, despite being very careful to not jack up my expectations too much.

So, if I get disappointment in return for the least bit of expectations, you can imagine how bad it’s been of late. But, you know me. If there’s a game being set up, I don’t pass up playing it. If this is how it’s going to be, very well. Let the games begin. *cue drum roll* 😛

Also, if there’s anything that January has taught me, the first lesson of 2015, it is that little things matter way more than we give them credit for. One expression, one word, one move, one little detail could be the reason why your life suddenly makes a one-eighty.

There have been a couple other things that I want to share here, along with my Bucket List 2015, but that requires a lot of time, and guys, I still have to write three more exams. 😛

Let’s just hold our horses right here for a while. 😉

Meanwhile, go do whatever makes you happy. Life is honest-to-God too short to worry about what people will say or think about you. Richard Bach once said, ‘if your happiness depends on what someone else does, I guess you do have a problem.’

He was right. Trust me, it’s now or never.

See you guys soon.




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