Dear Pokémon

Yes, hi.

One day left for New Year’s. You know what that means? Yeah, me neither. 😛

To be very honest, these past few days have been about nothing else but work. But as a reward for all the hard work I’ve done in the last couple of days, I get two days off from college and its usual chaos.

Awesome. 😀

And you guys get a very strange but honest post in return for your continued love and appreciation. So, you know how I’ve been telling you I’ll introduce all my college friends here soon, but never actually got around to doing it?

Yeah. I’m going to do that today. But you don’t get to know their names (I haven’t really asked each person concerned whether they have an issue with me putting up their real names, and I’m not taking risks). And for the sake of anonymity, I decided to assign each of them one of the greatest animated creatures of all times: Pokémons!

Are you ready? Let’s go:

Gyarados: Crazy girl, very whimsical, but also one of the first people who shared my interests (R5, Diamond Rush and literature). We connect on so many different levels, it’d be really hard to imagine how my college life would’ve been without her. Suffice to say, she’s the fiery dragon, the energy in my day.

 Nidoqueen: You know how suddenly one person is able to see right through you? This one does just that. One of the smartest and unbelievably focussed people I know, this girl is my secret-sharer, the one I tell even the most private of things which I don’t mention to anybody (maybe not even Nano, at times). She gets to ride shotgun when I drive. 😛

Jigglypuff: Everyone in class knows her. I’m not even kidding. She’s the one who knows everyone, and everyone knows her. She’s absolutely and completely crazy, so much so that I often have second thoughts about being seen with her in public. 😛

Jokes apart, she’s a beautiful person, inside and out. Hence the creepy stalker she’s acquired in the last three months of college 😉

Togepi: The cutest member of my girl group, this girl is my partner in crime almost every time, especially in troubling the above mentioned three people. A very affable person, she always gives me honest answers when I’m looking for advice.

Magikarp: True to form, this guy is pretty useless on his own. 😛 But he’s a nice kind of useless, the kind who is always trying to overcome his issues. He shares my interest for computers and hatred for typical Indian education system, which was how we’d first started talking to each other. And the rest is history, so much so that almost every morning, I wake up to a text from him asking for some file or the other 😛

 Pikachu and Squirtle: Okay. So Pikachu is a guy, and Squirtle is a girl (excuse the gender mismatch, I’m helpless).

These two are very, very good friends of mine, both of them always after each other and each other’s lunch boxes. But if I’m sad or frustrated for some reason, they always find ways to make me laugh. Which is way more than anything I could ever ask for. I love them both 🙂

Abra: I’m sure you’re already aware what kind of Pokémon Abra is. Which automatically makes this person someone I’ve been trying to understand since day one. So far, I got nothing. But in my defence, he’s a very private person (or so I think), and so am I (that’s true, and you know it). It wouldn’t be entirely wrong to say that he’s really, really good at mind games.

God, help me. 😛


Okay. So that’s not the entire list, but I swear I’ll complete it soon.

There’s still 12 hours left for the year to change. A lot can happen in that much time.

Miss me while I’m gone.


Snigdha ❤

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