The Curious Case of Detectives

They know what they’re doing.

They definitely know what you’re doing.

They never tell you anything straight up.

They never let a single thing slip past their notice.

They aren’t really great at keeping promises. Or maybe they just have an issue with completing them on time.

They’re not going to tell you when they’re in a bad mood. Do your guesswork well, darling.

They’re all very good at manipulation. Job description, maybe.

They scare me to the extent that almost 9 times out of 10, I don’t find it in my heart to say everything that I otherwise would, to someone else. Suffice to say, we’ll always be unfinished business.

Last, they are amazing at pointing out your flaws. Honesty comes naturally to them. It’s just that sometimes, they forget not everyone is an idiot. Every man meets his match, every Holmes meets his Adler.



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