2014 Rewind.

Yes, it’s that time of the year again. Time to reminisce and share with you guys how the year was. What changed, what survived the test of time, what was new, what just more of the same–everything.

It’s time to rewind. 😀

So, are you ready? Let’s go:

January to March: These three months were all about goodbyes, and exams. No kidding. Senior year drew to a nostalgic close, I gave all my exams that very well became the end of my school life, you know, the works.

And oh, Life4Ways came into existence on February 4, 2014. Come see what it is, here.


April to July: I can sum up these few months in all but one grand word: stress. Never in my life have I experienced such torture that I went through during this time. School life had just ended, and I don’t know about you, but in India, the summer right before college is full of second-guessing, hedging your options, making Plan B, Plan C and so on (lest your Plan A doesn’t work out), and all sorts of things that transform you into this big bundle of stress. With me, it was no different. Things just kept happening, one after another, and by some miracle, they passed over, shaking up a lot of stuff in the process.

The biggest change? I got my father back, in spirit. We, him and I, decided that to make things work, we needed to actually sit down and talk, straighten out all the knots by hand. It’s not perfect, our relationship. Of course not. But we’re trying. That, honestly, means a lot to me.


August to November: So. This is where I got into a decent college, became an Engineering student (despite my heart lurching and leaping to study language), and realized that sometimes, doing something for someone else’s happiness does actually work out well. I mean, engineering was my mother’s idea. And strangely, it doesn’t seem so bad any longer. 😉

I turned 19 on October 5, and realized (with profound horror) that I had nothing heroic/fun/anything at all to tell of my teenage years. I don’t have a Grand Teenage Story, as Srey (short for Sreyoshi, college friend) calls it.

I also made friends. Yes, I know you’re surprised. But, well, you know me. I’m too random for my own good. Their introduction requires an entire post, so that’ll come later. But I’ll tell you their names: Megha (smart girl, my secret-sharer), Sreyoshi (Bengali tigress, all fire), Kirthika (my love, the first one to invade the hostility I roll out in waves), and Astha (a precious find, fellow BTS and KPop lover).

Suffice to say, they make the lectures and classes and exams and the tiring commuting to college worth the toil and fatigue. :*

True that.


December: Are you serious? The year isn’t over yet, people. There’s still, wait, let me check – *checks calender, counts the days* – 12 whole days to go. You know what all can happen in 12 days? Yeah, me neither 😛

But let’s hope it’s good. I’ll maybe do a part deux to this post on New Year’s Eve. Who knows?



2014 really did me in. It rearranged so many things in my life, changed my perspective about a lot of things, and well, you know, made all of us a year older. And I know it always feels like the year just flew by, but this time, it really did. I don’t remember even one moment where I took time to catch my breath. Things just, they just never stopped happening.

And here we are. December 19, 2014.

12 days to go for New Year’s.

Whoa. 😮

Okay, so I’m going to head off now. You know what you have to do: whatever floats your boat, whatever makes you happy.

Miss me while I’m gone. You know you will.


Snigdha ❤


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