Twisted Business.

Yes, hi.

I’m back, this time without any devastating writer’s blocks.

Thank the Lord.

And no, this post is not about guys. I’m over the praise-all-men phase  that produced my last two posts, and gave rise to a lot of false assumptions in my real life. So, yes, I’m not doing that any more.

At least for a while. 😉

College really does catapults you to the centre-stage of your own life. Suddenly, your horizon shifts and widens, making you realize how unaware you were before. I guess we all grow up thinking life will straighten out its knots on its own, and we’ll just have one wonderful joyride living it.

But does it happen in real life? No. You wish.

It’s all bricks and stones, honey. All the things that scrape your feet and graze your knee as you try to make your way through the brambles.


Sorry, I needed that. I’m wound up nice and tight. And although I know this would probably kill me, I can’t seem to find a way to unwind myself. I’ve realized that I have started talking more (under duress), but I don’t say the correct things to the correct people.

Maybe that’s what’s got me all worked up. Maybe I should try redirecting my new-found voice.

And now I’m blabbering. I’d better go.

But before I go, here’s this song by Panic At The Disco that keeps playing in my head these days a lot. Let’s just say I’m losing out on my sanity these days. 😉


I’ll see you guys soon. Remember: it’s now or never.


Snigdha ❤


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