Noah’s Ark.

You know how the story about Noah and his ark goes, don’t you? Of course you do. One man, one boat and the expedition to save the world and it’s glory.

Heroic, that’s what it was. Not everyone can do that. Lately, I’ve started to wonder whether there are any more heroes left to save us from fading into nothingness, when it does come down to it.

Okay. Hi.

This post was originally supposed to be sequel to my last post, Great Things Men Do, but then I had this terrible writer’s block that completely ruined it. It took me two hours, a big cup of coffee, and the help of a certain someone to get things going again (thank you, Sherlock).

 Ah, well. Even the toughest of us fall off the wagon, don’t we? πŸ˜‰

So, now that I’m back, let me share with you a couple other absolutely adorable things that men do.

Are you ready? Let’s go:

5. When they dress up well without being told to. Personally, I hate shoddily dressed guys. They annoy me to no limit, no joke. I think that if you don’t find time to at least dress up decently at the start of the day, you’re good for exactly nothing. So, you know, if he dresses well, your taste is commendable.

#TVD reference was mandatory. No question.


4. When he can wear bright colors, and not look dorky. Honestly, I love guys dressed in black as much as the next girl does, but nothing compares to a man dressed in bright shades like orange, or sea green (personal favourite, don’t ask). If he can pull this off, he can pull anything off. πŸ˜‰

That color. That  style. ❀


3. When he writes complete spellings. This is probably just something that only I notice, being the OCD-striken writer I am (it’s a medical condition, okay? Google it). But damn, if he actually types out/writes ‘okay’ instead of ‘ok’? Priceless. πŸ˜€


2. When they break a sweat doing manual labour, and still manage to make it look effortless. When I was a kid, we used to live in a flat on the fourth floor, in a building with no lifts. I clearly remember my father pulling out furniture from a U-Haul and carrying it all the way up to our house, all in exactly three trips. It stuck with me, that image, and as a result, I find it absolutely irresistible when men are able enough to do handiwork.


1. When they understand exactly how you feel, and fix you within moments. This one doesn’t need explanation. I mean, everybody has baggage, right? Everyone is damaged, to a certain extent. In cases like mine, there’s more damage than there is steady ground. But regardless of the expanse of the blemish, if he knows how to get through to you, he’s a winner. No question.

True story.



Oh-Kay. That turned out decent, didn’t it? And just hours ago I was convinced I couldn’t write again.

Then someone said to me, ‘Even your heartbeat slows down sometimes. But it doesn’t stop pumping.’  And I was powerless to argue.

Bottom line: there might just be heroes remaining in this big, bad world. Maybe our heroes don’t wear shiny armors, or carry swords around for everyone to see, but they’re there. Trust me, I would know (OCD-striken feminist, remember?).

Keep looking. You might just find one.

I’m going to go now. You do whatever makes you happy. It’s now or never.


Snigdha ❀


2 thoughts on “Noah’s Ark.

  1. redvelvetwonders says:

    You’re talking about boys, Snig. YOU’RE TALKING ABOUT BOYS. Since two consecutive updates, you’re talking about boys.

    *shaking my head*

    Something’s gone wrong with you, I know it.

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