Connection Failure


Monday comes with two exams, and then, freedom. Or just some more of the same, really. More of waking up in the morning, getting dressed, going to college, and just the general chaos of everyday life. You know how it goes with me; everyday is either a holiday, or a battle.

No middle ground to find your footing. It’s either now, or it’s never.

Today, I learnt one thing: people are as scared of tarnishing their image as they are careful when designing it. It’s like art in a twisted way, really. No artist wants their creation to go to waste.

Lately, I’ve been feeling way too disconnected from all the things I used to be completely in love with, just until last year. It’s been at least weeks, if not months, that I last wrote anything. It’s like a major power outage, mass connection failure.
Which, to be absolutely honest, breaks my heart. This is not how I want things to be.

And honestly, all I want is someone to help me through all of this.

But it’s not that I’m not used to being alone. I am. I’ll be okay. As always.


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