Cold As Ice

This post goes out to all those who feel that life is driving you crazy right now. Trust me, I know.
People are not as brave & as accepting as you believe them to be, or expect them to be. For the most part, lipstick works; language doesn’t. Clamor works, class doesn’t. Honestly, it’s all about how well you lie, how beautifully you design your appearance for others, originality notwithstanding.
Lately, I’ve been torn between shutting myself inside my head (more likely) and giving certain people guilty of above crimes a reality check (least likely). If it would have been school, or if these people had mattered to me even half as much as Nano, or Isha, or Srey (college friend, details later), I probably would’ve considered talking.
But since the said conditions don’t stand true in this particular case, I do what I do best: ignore.
Of course, it’s not easy. But you know me. I’m way too obstinate and ill-tempered for my own good.


Exams are on, and end on Monday. Suffice to say that coffee & classic rock are my only solace. 😉
I’ll see you guys later.
Miss me while I’m gone. You know you will. 😀


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