Turning 19 & Facing College. Sigh.

Okay. Here we are. *sigh*


I turned 19 on October 5. All those who forgot to wish me, I sincerely hope all your teeth fall out and your hair turns grey when you wake up tomorrow. Seriously.

*End of threat*


Hey, you guys! What’s up?

Sorry for the scary beginning. I’ve just been in a bad mood since precisely the last time I wrote to you beautiful people. Why? Well, I just got a year older, for starters. If that isn’t reason enough to perpetually sulk, I’ve come across way too many stupid people ever since college began.

Now. Before you go on to think that I’m being by usual narcissistic self, let me explain a few things.

See, when college started, I had made up my mind to be as open-minded as possible. I had willed myself to talk to new people, try out new things and just be friendly. And trust me when I say this, I did try. I tried hard, and as a result of which, I now have four really great friends.

And that’s it. Four friends, in a class sixty people. The reason that this is the case is simple: our mentalities clash. Nobody is ready to step out of their little shells and reach out to others. I mean, I know it’s college and not Facebook that we should all blend in and be a big, happy family, but come on. The world does have 7 billion people, and counting.

You’ll have to eventually step out of the walls you’ve built around yourself. The other person may surprise you.

It’s not that difficult, to be very honest. Lately, I’ve started to feel that people are forgetting how to effectively communicate. Even if we talk, we forget to listen. Seriously, what happened to us?

Suffice to say I’ve been really disappointed in the human population in general for the past few weeks. Yes, I sound like Yoda. I know. But I also know I’m right in saying this.

Like always. 😉

I’ll see you guys soon. Apart from the disappointment, the work is killing me too. Strangely, that doesn’t bother me half as much as the lack of communication does.

Also, I desperately want  a book to read. I can feel my vocabulary dwindling. 😐

See you lovely people soon.

And like I always say, it’s now or never.


Snigdha ❤

2 thoughts on “Turning 19 & Facing College. Sigh.

  1. I can relate to that. I’m almost 21 and have been in college for 2 years. Our class sizes barely reach 40 per class, and I have the same complaint. It’s hard to make friends. I think it’s because there’s not enough time because we spent time in class passing attention to the lecture, and afterwards, rushing to our next class or going to work. I am guilty of this, but college males it impossible to have a social life, get good grades and earn money all at the same time.

    • Yeah, my class has not more than 40 people too. True, there is too little time left to actually socialize after/between lectures, but we all have to try sometimes, yes?

      Thanks for reading 🙂

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