To The 19th.

Yes, you got it.

I’m turning 19 next month. 😀

And true to my self-obsessed, narcissistic form, I’m looking forward to it with all that I have in myself.

You would think that after subsequent disastrous birthdays, I’ll learn the lesson and not make that big a deal of October 5 every year. But do I ever learn? Of course not. 😛

That’s just not my style, you see.

 So. Moving on.

College started about a month ago, and in this one tiny month, I’ve (somehow) managed to (somewhat) make friends. Unbelievable, I know. But things always happen to me without me ever having to plan them in advance, so why should this time be any different? Also, my family is planning to do something really great for me come my birthday!

But I’m not going to tell you what it is just yet.

Wait for it, people. You don’t want to spoil the fun.

Other than that, my life has been its usually self, always going out of its way to cause problems for yours, truly. I’m currently at home with cramps and headache, missing out on college, and every other fun activity I would normally indulge in, had I been healthy.

Like watching movies. And drinking coffee. Of course.

I also am now learning how to drive. Just yesterday, I rammed my car into a parked bike. Which is shameful, but at least nobody was hurt. I’m trying to get the confidence to get out on the road and not murder a few people every time I hit the gas. God help me 😉

A long, extra-maudlin post is in order, I know. I promise it’s going to be up soon. Pinky swear 😘

See ya ❤


2 thoughts on “To The 19th.

  1. Good luck learning to drive! Are your parents the type who are reluctant to let you drive, or the type who really want you to drive? Mine are the former and I don’t like to be too pushy . . . which might have been a mistake because here I am, nearly 21, not yet knowing how to drive. Don’t end up like me!!

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