Piggy Patootie | Nano

Nano poured her heart out for me. You don’t want to miss this ❤


“Mere piya gaye Rangoon, kiya hai wahan se Telephone.

Tumhari yaad satati hai, jiya mein aag lagati hai…”

She hates this song with a passion not known to human kind as yet.

Last of my Friendship posts, but definitely important. Had it not been for her constant coaxing, neither of these pending posts would have come into existence.

I’m talking about none other than our in-house drama queen, empress of Piggy, Snigdha. She is the boss.


You know how everyone has that one person who can be called their true confidante (Dante!)? She is exactly that. Most of the times, atleast. I feel like that it is necessary to add here that we do not have the perfect dreamy friendship. It is bittersweet to the extreme and we like it just the way it exists. Just because we’re in an argument at some point doesn’t mean that I won’t call…

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