Are We There Yet?

Aloha, everyone! 😀

Okay. Let’s take a few long, deep breaths. One, two, breathe. 

The reason that I did this little activity with you guys is simple: we’re cleansing our systems. You know, like when you’re starting over with something important? Yeah. Like that. 😉

So, a few FYIs to bring all of you up to speed with all that has happened in my life in the few days that I have been AWOL.

1) I finally found my happy place. I got in at a great University, and although there are many who think it’s not the correct choice (you know who you are), with all due respect to all of them, it’s not their place to judge.

2) My father and I came to an understanding in our relationship. It’s not like him and I suddenly became the perfect Daddy-Daughter pair, oh no. We just realized that our relationship is faulty (like most everything else in this world), and we’re both trying to fill the crevices the best we can, without compromising on our self-esteem. It’s not all perfect, but we’re trying.

3) I realized that oh, dear GOD, I’m going to be nineteen in two freaking months. :O

4) Recently, I rediscovered the girly part of my being, the little girl who loves shiny and pretty things.

5) My best friends, Divija and Sakshi, pushed me over the edge, and the result is that I finally mustered up the courage to follow my dreams. As a result of which, Mom and I reached a compromise. Over the next four years, I shall be an Engineering student (like Mom wanted), specialization in Information Technology (my choice).

Phew. *heaves a long sigh*

Yeah, that’s about it. 😉

Now, I think I’m ready for whatever it is that shall come next.

Good, bad or downright oh-my-God-why-me? moments, I’m ready for all of them (no God, it’s not an invitation. Please don’t throw in some random problems in my way just because I said I’m ready.)

So, yeah. Tomorrow is going to be the first day at college. I’m going to go get a little bit excited about it.

You, my loves, go do anything and everything that makes you happy.

Take it from someone who knows, it doesn’t end well if you’re always listening to others and not yourself.

It’s now or never.


Snigdha ❤

P.S. This song has been a constant presence in the crazy summer months. Of course, it’s from One Tree Hill😉


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