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All the cheer finally wore down, as reality hit. It’s Friday, and it’s also Friendship Week at L4W, but I’m not feeling it. A little help, people?
I’ll see you there.


Hey guys.

Yeah, yeah, I know I said I wouldn’t be here. I remember. But you know me. I’m too random for my own good. *winks*

Also, nobody else showed up, except Srish (thanks babe!). Although this makes me really mad, but remember how I keep saying that you’re your own savior? Yeah. Guess it’s time to dwell on that.

So. Instead of Friendship Week, you get a peek under the hood, into my mind (the rational, normal part of my brain that isn’t always obsessing over my greatness). I can’t assure you it’ll be as fun as the one part of me that you’re familiar with. But it’s real, and genuine, and most of the times, it’s way more than what you can wish for.

Right? So, here goes:

Honestly, I don’t know what to do right now with my life. Everything’s crazy, spiralling out of control with every passing…

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