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It’s Thursday. You know what that means? Find out here.
Snigdha 😉


Hey guys! What’s up?

I know what you’re thinking: Snigdha has posted for three days in a row. God has finally heard all my prayers. *prays with eyes closed to the higher power*

Don’t worry, loves. I do realize how important it is that I impart my awesomeness to you every now and again. It makes everything a little more bearable, I know. 😉

But today, it’s not about me. (Don’t be alarmed, okay? I’ll be back to my obnoxious, self-obsessed self the next time you see me, I swear)

Today is about my prayer that was answered.

Today, is about Nano.

Have you ever just stumbled upon something/someone by utter chance? Where has it gotten you? Are you happy with your discovery?

Well, in that case, today is about you, too.


On a scale of 1 to special, Nano is special. She’s not the obedient and yielding kind of…

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