To Srish, With Love. | Snigdha

It’s Friendship Week at L4W, and we’re declaring our love. Go check out mine.
See you there! ❤


“Being in love with your best friend is problematic.”
― J.M. Richards (Tall, Dark Streak of Lightning)

Hey, you guys, what’s up? 😀 Told ya we were back for good. *Ting*

So, this week on Life4Ways is Friendship Week, and since this place came into existence because of mine’s, Isha’s, Srish’s and Nano’s friendship, we decided to make it special.

For you, and for us. Trust me, people, you need best friends in your lives. Trust me. 😉

So. Moving on.

As you all know, Tuesday is Srish’s day, but she’s clearly not here. Why? Because it’s my turn to tell you a story.

Are you ready? Let’s go.


The Srish & Sniggy Story

Srish was the first ever person I met in my new school who didn’t give me the you-shouldn’t-be-here look. She actually came up to me, smiled and talked to me without ever letting me feel out…

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