The Witch Among the Trees. | Snigdha

Keeping it real here, people. It’s time for some more stories about Isha & me. A peek under the hood, into my life. Hop on, and I’ll see you there 🙂


Yes, that’s exactly how I describe Laddoo aka Isha aka The Biggest Goof I Know. Her house has tall tress and plants all around, because of which I awarded her with this name the first time I went to her house, and as you can see, it stuck. 😛

But all jokes apart, Isha and I have been through a lot in the past two years. It’s not an easy job to tolerate either of us, you know. *grins widely*  But look at us now. She lives a few blocks away from me, which is of course, an added benefit. I personally think there should be a rule about best friends living close to each other. You never know when you need them. Right? 😉

That’s who we are. No, really.

Me and Isha have a very easy relationship, if you know what I mean. We rarely clash on anything, because…

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