I Kissed A Girl?! | Isha

It’s Confession Week at Life4Ways, and we’re getting all the secrets out. Go check them out. I’ll see you there! 😀
– Snigdha ❤


Hello lovely humans *insert Vulcan hand salute*

We’re back. 😈 Again. 😖

It has been raining cats and dogs since morning and so, I decided to cheat a little on my study schedule and write up something for you! (Or else, Srishti would have burst a vein. Srish is the one who let’s me know my deadlines and pushes me to write. Bossy little bitch. Hmph. 😒 )

Annnd *drum roll* it is that dreaded week on L4W. Confession Week. Did you read Srish’s confessions yesterday? Such a child, that one. Go see what I’m talking about, here.

I think how most people see me as isa prim little princess, daddy’s best daughter, sucking up to teachers in school, not missing classes, finishing all my greens and well, you get the gist. So if I tell you I have some dirty secrets of mine, would you believe me?


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