All Of The Stars

Hey, you guys! How’re ya’ll doing? 😀

Honestly, I’m not yet over The Fault In Our Stars. And I don’t think that’s happening any time soon, either. I’m just sitting around, thinking about Hazel’s and Augustus’ story, wondering why John Green  didn’t share this story earlier. 😉

After reading the book (alone) and watching the movie (with my best friends), I just feel, I don’t know, happy. Like some of the knots that had been in my mind since very long, are suddenly just. . . gone. TFIOS hits you right where it hurts, and makes you realize that in the end, this is possibly the only life we’ll ever have, and if you have your bearings in place, you’ll make the most of it. Now. Don’t just let it go like that. Don’t go unnoticed. Don’t die in vain.

Besides the movie, the soundtrack of TFIOS is pretty awesome, too. I’m just in love with these three songs. ❤


Every night for the past three nights, I lie awake  in my bed till well after midnight listening to these songs (and playing Temple Run 2), thinking about how happy everything about TFIOS makes me.

You know, I always want something or the other to unhook me from one thing, and then put me on to another. Currently, I need to get over the fact that school life is over, and college is here. All that wasn’t there was the catalyst that would make the whole getting-over thing easier. The Fault In Our Stars became just that.

I sometimes wonder why is it that good things and bad things happen mostly simultaneously. Maybe it’s because so that we don’t get used to one particular thing too much. Whatever it is, I’m still trying to figure it out. All I really, truly do know, is that I want all of the stars, and I want to get them on my own.

At a time like this, when all the roads just go on forever in front of you, keeping calm and not freaking out is a damn hard thing to do. At least for me, that’s how it is. Mom’s not worried about me though. She thinks I’ll be just fine, and that I should enjoy this time that I have at my hands. You don’t get to live the summer before college forever, after all. 😉

An Abundance Of Katherines, John Green

So, here I am, on a Monday morning, sitting on my computer and writing this post, and when I’m done here, I’ll probably go read Will Grayson, Will Grayson (John Green & David Levithan), only to come back and order a couple more books from Amazon. 😛

Let me know what you guys have been up to. I’d love to hear.

And, like I always say, do whatever makes you happy.

It’s now or never.


Snigdha ❤



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